Favorite Drug Combination?

Discussion in 'General' started by Northern_Stoner, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. I'd have to say that mine would be starting by taking about five or six shots of some nice Russian vodka, then take three Tylenol 3's shortly after and finish it off with about 5-10 hits of some dank AK-47 from my little brass one hitter.
    I've tried many combinations before and none have compared to the extreme relaxation and pure pleasure of this combination.
    If anyone wants to try this combination be careful with how many Tylenol 3's you take, too much codeine can be dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

    Post up all the combinations you've done before, how much you enjoyed them, what the experience was like, and which was your favorite.
  2. Damn that's not the smartest combination x,x

    Mine is take a pill, smoke a blunt, drink a beer.

  3. A cup of coffee and a moderately sized joint.
  4. Xanax and weed
  5. Well, I enjoy the occasional pink dolphin (Ex) with a couple hits of white widow. But since Ex is so damned expensive now-a-days, I stick with the regular.

    Get a nice tall glass of chilled Baileys and a couple shots of Jim Beam. Pack a couple bowls, shoot em down fast and follow them up with a nice cigar. Relaxing and enjoyable. Gets you nice and fucked up!
  6. Shrooms and weed, although only occasionally. DXM and weed occasionally too, but very fun. They're synergistic with each other and its just great. Bounce around on an exercise ball or whatever comes to mind. The bud seems to get rid of the negative effects of DXM for me like mild nausea or dysphoria.
  7. Weed and tobacco.
  8. I realize the combination can be dangerous, that's why I've done plenty of research on mixing codeine and alcohol so that I know what I'm doing, and I find that when I finish off with alcohol it takes over the effects of the other two too much. I feel the best when I take them in the order I posted.
  9. I don't like combinations they get me too messed up and I just embarass myself. If so though alcohol and weed. I like to take my drugs straight.
  10. xanax beer weed cig
  11. Alcohol, then weed.
    Simple yet effective.
  12. agreed. i like experiencing drugs individually
  13. Weed and LQ, everyday and anyday.
  14. its actually the tyleno and aclohol you should be worried about their both hard on the liver
  15. 151 and weed
  16. some sort of speed such as adderal and weed. the artwork just flowed from my fingers with that combination.
  17. Each Tylenol 3 tablet contains the following:

    Codeine Phosphate - 30 mg
    Acetaminophen - 300 mg

    What do you mean when you say it's the Tylenol I should be worried about?
  18. technecally you should stay away from alcohol when you are taking t'3 because of the apap, depending on your tolerance and amount taken that night, you can enjoy alcohol with low dosages, and low tolerance.

    but mine would have to be opiates/weed.
    oxy pref
  19. Whiskey and weed.
  20. I've been doing this combination for quite some time now, so believe it or not, I've found out my tolerance towards the drugs and how they effect me. I get no side effects from combining the doses that I do. From experience I know what doses of these drugs I should be taking, and I know my limit.
    This is seriously getting annoying having to explain myself over and over. I obviously know more and am more experienced in combining codeine and alcohol than the lot of you, I've done it plenty and I've done my research, so stop telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing.

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