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Favorite drinking games?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kevin08, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. What is everyone's favorite drinking game? because i know people on here love getting shitfaced like myself :D. Personally, i love Beer Pong and i'm pretty godlike at it, but recently i have gotten into Snappa, since my fraternity built a table so we can hold our own at the tournaments around town. So as of now, it has to be snappa, you get way more fucked up, and it takes way more skill. Out of card games, i gotta say either F**k the Dealer or King's cup, pretty much anything to see girl's get screwed over because it's just way funnier than dudes. But i love hearing about new ones people make up, it's always fun trying new stuff out on those boring weekends...
  2. OngBak; everytime someone cops an elbow to the head, down a shot.

    Sparticus Blood and sand; Everytime the word "cock" is said, open another beer.
  3. "Shots for Headshots", a game we used to play in the dorms. Basically, play Call of Duty, and if you die from a headshot or get a headshot kill, take a shot of whatever we happen to have had laying around (usually vodka or jaeger), up to 3 shots per round.
  4. Haha we used to play almost that exact game last year in the dorms, we played Nazi Zombies and for however many levels you went, take a shot of vodka/jager. We got sooooo trashed by the end of the night, most of us wouldn't make it past like 5 after a couple games.
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    I don't have a favorite but I'm pretty ill at Beirut [Beer Pong]...I have played some other games but I have no idea really how they are played.
  6. definately BP even tho it kinda makes me feel like a frat boy everytime i play it
  7. Haha what's wrong with that? We aren't all the same, most of the guys in mine are typical college kids, smoke trees, go to school, party on weekends, we just have a house to call our own we can get wasted in :D.

  8. haha not knockin it man its just not my style. i love partying with frat boys tho. those n****s know how to party
  9. Beer pong. It combines elements of a sport and physical talent with drinking beer. Sound like the best sport ever.
  10. Ya we throw some crazy shit, but this year has been a bust, no one has money to throw huge ragers every week anymore :(.

    You, my friend, sound like someone who needs some Snapp in their life. It's way more intense then BP, after a point pong can only be so fun, Snappa never gets old! :D
  11. i voted other - it's all about Landmines.
    but really i'd rather just drink most of the time - but in the spirit of the party-mentality i join in lol. sometimes i protest in smaller groups.
  12. Could you describe it to me?

    I've never heard of it.
  13. fuck homie.. landmines is hard enough to explain in person. :laughing: i searched youtube and google and neither had good descriptions of the best way to play it. i'll detail this thread tomorrow

    oh you were talkin about Snappa. i'll save myself the trouble of detailing the thread unless somebody asks lol
  14. Is this it Skies? I've never heard of it just looked it up on ze Googal...
    Landmines Drinking Game
  15. Yeah...

    I just get shit faced.;)
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    sort of.. tomorrow i'll copy+paste+edit that description to how i play it. my way's the dopest for sure. biggest difference is i play without the shot glasses.

    sorry had to edit that - i'm incomprehensibly high lol
  17. Beer pong holds a special place in my heart but thumper is prob my fave drinking game, deff the type of game you should play fucked up with a lot of people though.

    Beer hunter is top notch as well. :bongin:
  18. Made up game called "Moose".

    You take a glass and everyone who is playing puts a small amount of their drink in the cup making a swamp mix type drink. Then you put an ice cube tray angled on the glass so the top of the tray rests on the rim of the glass (tough to explain, but like a ladder to the rim). You also need a quarter to play.

    You go around in a circle taking turns bouncing a quarter off the table, trying to get it into the cup or tray. Left side of the tray is drink, right side is give. If you land in the first row you give or take 1 drink, and it counts up to the top row which is 6. However if you bounce the quarter into the glass, the last person to make antlers with their hands and say moose must drink the swamp mix drink.

    Ties of the "moose" call go down to a game of fingers where everyone is involved. Each person puts 1 finger on the rim of the glass and the shooter calls first. The call is 1..2...3...then you guess a number of how many fingers you think will be left on the glass. Each person can either keep their finger on or take it off. When you guess correctly you are out, and the last person must drink the mixed drink.

    Its a pretty fun game, and its extra fun when you pick on people, stacking up their drinks
  19. so many great King's Cup memories... (some forgotten)

    I love it because each draw is completely unique.

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