Favorite Drink?

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  1. Well, I'm not much of a drinker, but I was wondering what everyone's favorite mix for alcohol is...

    right now I'm sippin on some captain and coke... tastes kinda like candy/caramel... pretty nice, but I don't really have a preference because I hardly drink.

    What do you like to drink, blades?
  2. well i perfer shots of vodka with any chaser
    but i love me some red bull and vodka up in my cup FTW!!
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    2 shots of stoli blueberry, 1 shot of raspberry pucker and 4-6 shots of trueblue.

    Other than that, I either take a 32oz of smirnoff ice and drop a double shot of stoli or I'll pour up some 151 and mango juice and a little bit of cinnamon to kill that bite.
  4. crown and coke, or better yet just on the rocks
  5. Favorite drink?

    1.) Liquid Oxycodone 100mg/ML
    2.) Codeine/Promethazine
    3. Carribou Lou = (151 Rum + Malibu Rum +Pineapple Juice)
  6. not to gay it up in here but Rum and juice over ice

    POG to be exact, it's a Pineapple Orange Guava juice mix from a hawaiian company with some dark rum mixed in poured over a glass filled with some nice ice and another shot of dark rum thrown on top. I like to garnish it too, but I kinda like girly drinks like that.

    on the other hand, i'm just taking shots of vodka right now and that would be my ussual drink
  7. i enjoy captain and coke.

    and i also like whiskey sours. and margaritas.
  8. Jager and red bull is alright but my favorite has to be dark liquors i.e whiskey, bourbon etc. sometimes with some nice cold coca cola:yummy:
  9. redbull and vodka
    vodka and sunnyd

  10. haha dude caribou lou is some great shit...considering that there is more 151 than malibu rum in there it tastes awesome...can barely taste any alchol...i finally drank it a couple weeks ago cuz i turned 21 and 2 solo cups of it got me completely fucked up

    besides caribou lou my favorite drink would be either coke with captains or coke with soco
  11. rum and coke, scotch on the rocks.

    I hardly drink, but when I do, it's those two.

    and mickeys. :)

    as far a liquor: jaeger.

    as far as real liquor: whiskey (and coke? who cares? its whiskey you'll be smashed in few mins)
  13. cheap beer with cheap whiskey in it.
  14. Dude, sparkling strawberry green tea and strawberry schnapps sounds delicious.

    This calls for:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAXQNx4E7so]YouTube - Denis Leary - Alcohol[/ame]
  15. Beer.

    But rum and coke is gooooooood.

    Hard liquor hits me too hard though, always brewskies.
  16. Not much of a drinker either, but if I'd say this^ right here.
  17. crown and coke
    jack and coke
    rum and coke
    vodka and orange juice
    vodka with monster energy drink
    malibu rum with pineapple juice
    jager and red bull
    bud light
    bud light with lime
  18. Black label Jack Daniels straight. I love a couple shots and a grape dutch!
  19. Long Island Iced Tea
    Murder- Captain + Mt Dew Code Red

    It's a tossup. I also love pina coladas :D
  20. amaretto sour
    red headed slut
    gin and tonic
    malibu bay breeze
    tequila sunrise

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