Favorite drink while being high

Discussion in 'General' started by joseph2dope, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I personally stick with the sweet tea (white can) Arizona.
    Sometimes I'll have a glass of water.
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  2. Orange juice.
    Water is dank, too
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. OJ all the way!
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  5. Water or tea.
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  6. Black tea is good I personally dig it
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  7. Straight vodka!
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  8. Crazy lol
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  9. Well you asked me for my favorite!
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  10. Peach tea or Smirnoff ice
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  11. white sobe
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  12. I'd have to go with water.

    Usually I just grab two water bottles: One so I can change out the bong water, and the other for me to drink afterwards.
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  13. @Randy Savage definitely has the right idea. I can't try that in my house tho.. my mom would have my ass lol

    I like the Naked line of Smoothies when I'm high. Especially green machine.

    But when I wanna keep it real, it's Arizona Peach all day

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  14. Coffee in the morning for that THC/caffeine buzz, any other time it's a red Gatoraide or water.

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  15. Either water or a nice whiskey ginger.
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  16. Ice water, lemonade, or jones soda
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  17. Cuppa tea 1 sugar... You won't beat it!

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  18. Nantucket orange mango.

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  19. Dr. pepper.
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