Favorite dick hair?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MJ001, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Well, there's a thread on favorite pussy hair... so...
  2. the one growin right out the tip of my peen
  3. I thought they all grew the same.

  4. Get the fuck out of here.. you're kidding me right?

    Do hair really grow on tip of dicks?

    I don't think so... so you must be joking.

  5. It happens all the time...
  6. Wait.. dick hair?

    My dick doesn't grow hair. My balls on the other hand...

  7. I think so too.

    But not all get cut the same way... or even get cut at all.

    I'd like to know what girls prefer.

    Much dick hair... less dick hair... or no dick hair.

  8. Don't, fuck with me...... coz I'm really gullible...
  9. No, i have hair on my tip, why do you think some people get the foreskins cut off, i styled it too, some people dont grow it but some people do, most guys shave it though, i keep it long in the winter, its right on the top of the foreskin

  10. It's true. There's 3 billion penises in the world do you really think that none of them have hair growing outta the tips?

  11. Oh... I see........

    I can see how you can have hair on tip of your dick...

    Hm... I never thought.
  12. Dont you have any hair on the tip?, it starts at a different age for a lot of people, mostly around 24

  13. Well, no I don't...

    I have hair above the place where the shaft of my dick meets the body... and around and under the balls...

    But on the skin that's considered to be on or part of the dick, there's no hair.
  14. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard about something on GC. I saw the title and nearly shat my pants :D
  15. How old are you?

  16. One of my first bfs had a couple hairs on the head and they would always tickle my throat when I gave him a bj. I was afraid I was going flinch and bite his dick off. I asked him to tweeze the bastards but he was afraid of the pain.

  17. Usually it doesnt matter.... as long as its groomed and not shedding!

  18. You don't want to know, sir...
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    Im gonna assume you arent over 20 so thats why you havnt started it, when you take a shower youll start to notice your dick is a little more sensitive than normal, and that means youre starting to grow the hair
  20. I read a study about how if you drink milk or other shit (I forget what else exactly) with a lot of hormones in it it makes it even worse like you will have a fucking bush on your dick head. Same kinda thing with how it makes 8 year old girls grow tits. Crazy hormones and chemicals...no good.

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