Favorite Concentrate Form

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Favorite Concentrate

  1. Rosin Press

  2. BHO


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  4. Bubble Bag Ice Hash

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  5. Sift/kief hash (pressed or unpressed, please elaborate)

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  6. Other: please comment

  7. Dry Sift

  1. I love rosin press when it comes to making oil. Just tried my hand at BHO and it came out less than successful. A few hundred dollars in herb and supplies later I'm still winterizing and I'm down to about a 2 gram yield. Probably less. I'm thinking of grabbing some bubble bags in a week or so and trying my hand at some bubble/Ice bag hash/full melt whatever the differences (enlighten me please?) what is ya'lls favorite method of getting only the best goodies out of your flower?
  2. I love Full Melt Dry sift. 99% pure heads. unaltered trichome heads in their natural form. nothing beats it in me experience.
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  3. Using a sifter table or bubble bags? Which should I buy? I'm looking at getting some not the most expensive but not the cheapest 1-gallon 4 bag kit. Any thoughts? Would love to see pics of your full melt. and a basic how-to or link. PM if you'd rather.
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  4. WOW! Awesome post! I'll be lost in that thread for a few hours now, thanks lol. I won't be making near that much (unfortunately... ::sigh:: one day) and I have some everclear 151 I bought mistakenly for winterizing a gross batch of BHO. Was going to make some coffee liqeur or something, still may. One question for now: what is decarbed exactly mean? I know it mean decarboxylated but how and why is that...if you don't mind explaining.

    Thank you for such a thorough reply. I will probably just be doing 1 Gal Bubble bags for my needs but do you think I could still make some good material? Good enough to use in one or both of those recipes you posted? WOuld love to try the caps for going out of town and the tincture for my mom who prefers to drink over smoking but loves pot.
  5. Decarb is the changing of inactive THCA to the active form THC.. When smoking or vaping the heat does this for you before-as you inhale.. For an eatable we heat in a covered dish for 40 to 60 minutes at 220 degrees F.. Bud or hash the step is the same.. Do this before further processing..
    Creating either oil or tincture can use powdered bud instead of hash it'll just be a lower strength..
    The tincture recipe is simple at 1 grams hash to 1 ounce ever clear.. Shake before use.. For bud I'd use something like a QWISO method for a frozen wash just using drinking grade alcohol.. Strain out the bud and keep the booze.. LOL
    The oil is fairly simple as well if you haven't read kats thread before..
    5 grams hash.. Decarb first.. You can use about 7.5 grams of high grade powdered bud in this recipe as well
    2.5 teaspoons coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon soy lecithin
    Blend and heat 20 min @ 220 degrees covered then freeze.. 3 more heat and freeze cycles for my personal like..

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  6. I have a tutorial for making full melt ice water hash. here is the link. But I have since moved on to dry sift. Full melt dry sift is easier to make, cheaper, requires far less tools and equipment and results in a better end product in comparison to IWE. Also there is no window of error in dry sift like there is with ice water hash when separating and drying the stuff. Tons of people fail at this part. No 2 week wait is nice also.

    Stay away from cheap kits and 4 bag kits if you're after full melt.

    How to Make Full Melt Ice Water Extract - Tutorial

    Here's some full melt. Just heads only. Very little contaminant in the way of capitate stalks and green micro bits. It's like caviar.

    and a video how to do it. Yes it's time consuming but it's easy and relaxing. and truly is the holy grail of extracts. mostly only for headstash.

    also I voted other to keep a distinction from general sift and kief which is usually full of contaminant. fyi

    If you aren't worried about quality or full melt for dabbing just go ahead and do the dry ice method. It's definitely the easiest/fastest and cheapest method.
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  7. just came across this great video. Nikka T breaks it down.

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  8. I'm working on building a rosin press for "less than a hundred bucks" (kind of a joke to me because it always ends up being three times that) but that's what I prefer to dab. I wouldn't mind dabbing some hash but I do still enjoy smoking and getting the burn, a bit of a cough, and a cloud of smoke. I think I'll probably start with getting a median priced (forty dollar instead of the dirt cheap $20) 8 bag kit and see if I can get some goodness out of the 73 and maybe some decent out of the 120. I do like having quantity because unfortunately I just don't have that much product to work with. If I did, it would be a completely different story, but I have seen some gorgeous vids of people using dry sifts. I will add that to the poll btw and if you can you're welcome to change your vote. How much do they usually run and where do you get one? I would probably build it but only if it's "less than a hundred dollars"

  9. Very nice explanation. Thank you. I'm in the process of "saving" my first and last BHO run using a QWISO method. Except it's not that quick. I froze it dissolved for two days and then strained it, got a much nicer amber color. Now I'm letting it sit in the window sill covered with cheesecloth to keep out dust for as long as it takes for the 91ISO to evap. I have rosin to dab, I'll forget about it and it will be delicious eventually.

    Is that what you're referring to ? The dissolve in alcohol,freeze,drain,evap method? Will 151 everclear or 91 iso work equally as well? I saw some 99 ISO online and may be able to find it around here, don't know about 200 proof Everclear or PGA.

    The oil you can just put right into cooking and the tincture you can just throw into a beverage correct?
  10. These are the bubble bags I'm looking at
    Something like what I saw in your 120um or 90um (I don't know how to make the micron symbol, I know it's not a "u") yield is exactly what I'm looking for. The finest caviar will be a nice treat and having the top stuff I'm presuming to cook with will give some variety but everyone in my house is excited about having some hash again. It's been a while. I've been reading that the drying process is the absolute most important and I also see you recommend dry ice with the Hashmaster 5000 (which is sick btw, I wish I had that much plant material lying around to work with). Could I use dry ice with the bags? I would think that would eliminate having to eliminate the water...or cut down on the time at least?
  11. BHO made so cleanly that winterizing would only serve to do more harm than good. *nods*

  12. Just watched this tonight! Can't wait to have some delicious hash to work with in all kinds of including putting it in my rosin press
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  13. It's the oil processing I freeze and reheat several times.. The freezing helps break up the Trichome heads
    151 ever clear is the strongest I can get in California and it works just fine for tincture..

    My 160 micron is a nylon bubble bag from a IWE kit I just cut the mesh from the bag since that'll all I needed..
    Many people use the whole bag and a 5 gallon bucket to manually shake dry ice kief out.. I'm old and my arms won't take that abuse for long enough so it was the power method for me..

    You can run the several sizes bags for the finer sift down to 73 microns but I'm happy with the single stage shake.. I use it for everything smoking, oil, tincture..

  14. Perfect I'll be making the tincture with the Everclear I bought and maybe try to make some Kahlua, other liqueur, or different kind of tincture. Nothing goes to waste in my house.

    what does the product out of 160 µm Look like? It obviously wouldn't be great for dabbing (I use a Quartz banger so I would anyway at low temps because it's a breeze to clean)? What about All the talk about contaminants and how you must have a work bag and at least the top three or however many bags to get anything worthwhile? I'm thinking if I can make a good amount of 90 or 120, even 160 if it's as good as you say, I can press that into full melt (basically) or rosin (easily) or everything else. I wouldn't make having some really find 73 or 25 micron "caviar" but I'd hate to use a whole run to just get a few grams until I'm running whole plants (coming in the near future). For the time being im gonna pick up the 1 gal 8 bag and probably just like two of 3 bags since I'll only a half ounce maybe an ounce at a time and then when I'm doing larger runs grab the 5gals or bigger. Or could I still do small runs in a big bag just use only the bottom of the bag and hang the excess around the bucket?
  15. So with the batch of "BHO" that I'm winterizing to try save (right now it's in a window sill; and I think the alcohol has mostly evaporated after about a week), I should reheat and stir it, freeze it for another 24 hours and then put it back in the window sill. I'll repeat that process every day for a week if it will make worth the time/money I've put in. I'd attach a picture if it was easier to attach pictures from the iPhone but it is pretty gooey looking and all around the edge of the jar, almost looks like an O-ring gasket. That sounds Weird I know I'll post a pic tomorrow.
  16. Qwatch2000
    Here is a picture of the 160 micron dry ice kief
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  17. That's gorgeous...simply gorgeous. And that's using ONE 160 micron bag???? If I used dry ice and bud together in the bucket with the mesh bag going around the outside instead of agitating inside the bag, I could basically use your method of shaking. I would do it by hand once and then attach it to my Sawzall I'm sure...and onto a big 'ol surface, I'm thinking my 4x9 foot flat glass dining room table would work. good place to get the micron screen besides buying the whole kit and kaboodle online? I mean, it's only 32 dollars for a decent all mesh 8-bag system and i Might as well get 5 gallon.

    i think i'm going to start growing again first though. it's been a litttle while but I have a good memory considering...going to do about a 4 plant hydro setup, with a 400watt HPS/MH gull wing reflector, may add in some red/blue LED's along the side for getting nice thick fruit later on. I'll start a new thread and a grow journal for that though. debating on deep water culture, or top drip...or both. top drip with an air stone...

    Happy Hashing!
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