Favorite Comic books to read stoned or not

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by ARandomStoner, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,i know theres gotta be some people out there like me who not only love herb,but love a good Comic book,so post your favorites here ;)

    my personal favorites

    • the green lantern (war of light)
    • the flash (rebirth)
    • Captain America v5
    • planet of the hulks
    • marvel civil war
  2. It's not really a comic book so much as a book of comic strips, but calvin and hobbes. <----The shit right there.
  3. the walking dead, haven't picked up any new issues since november, but wat the hell, I'll just get the next book.
  4. haha calvin and hobs is the shit,and ive been meaning to pick up the walking dead.....

  5. The walking deads great, Invincible and the walking dead are two I'm current on I was reading alot in the winter but now its warm outnot so much.
  6. have you heard of Wormwood the Gentlemen Corpse? its great

    Also fallen. Anything done by ben templesmith really
  7. another great one i love to read (ive read it like 6 times) is the watchmen....really bad ass...not very easy to read when stoned tho lol XD
  8. Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, We3, Green Lantern Rebirth, Y The Last Man, The Invisibles, and Preacher are my personal favorites, but there's sooo many more I could add to this list.
  9. I kinda stick to my fave superheros when baked. (Green lantern, Iceman, specific X-men comics, Batman, Teen titans if I can find them, Nightwing--cause he's the best no matter what anyone says)

    and I know this is a comic thread but some good ol' manga works too.
  10. calvin and hobbes is fucking awesome. and i love watchmen. and akira.

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