Favorite Comedians?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by SupremeBeam, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I'm getting ready to watch Lewis Black on HBO and I was wondering who everyone's favorite comedians are. I searched and didn't find this topic so thats why i posted this.
  2. Dave Chappelle. Dane Cook is just as good.
  3. Dane fucking Cook
  4. Dane Cook is the greatest person ever. Anyone know if he tokes?
  5. As far as I know Dane Cook does toke however I'm not sure. i love lewis black and im counting down the minutes till he is on. 7 minutes left!!!
  6. Yeah, I think everone loves Dane Cook, haha. Sarah Silverman is pretty funny too.
  7. Yes everyone does love Dane, but I've heard good things about Jim Gaffogan (sp?)

    I've never heard him myself but my friend says he's pretty good.
  8. Jim Gaffogen is fucking amazing!!!!
  9. I think I'm the only one here who isn't a fan of Dane Cook, at all. He's alright. Jon Stewart is the fucking man, but for standup I gotta go with Chris Rock.

    Edit: Yeah, Gaffigan is just hilarious too.
  10. Dane Cook, Lewis Black, George Carlin (the best), that one vendricist guy thats on Comedy Central alot, Ron White
  11. Dave Chappelle
    Chris Rock
    Bernie Mac
    Richard Pryor(Rest In Peace)

    damn too many to name
  12. john stewart is hilarious.

    lewis s black is up there on my list along with mitch hedberg.
  13. mitch hedberg is the shit...cant believe no one mentioned him yet.

    chappelle, lewis black, and steven wright are also hilarious.
  14. i swear by ellen degeneres
  15. Mitch Hedburg (RIP) is my favorite.
    Chappelle is a GENIOUS.. he truly is.
    Dane Cook, Jim Gafigan, Dave Attel, and Bob Sagget (sp)
  16. Recreational Marijuana Use <--- they are hilarious!! :smoking:
  17. im "older" school:

    chis farley
    robbin williams
    richard pryor

    top three

    edit: btw...to everyone that like dane cook, grow a brain.
  18. i deffinately agree.

    i also like the whole blue collar crew: larry the cable guy, ron white, bill engvall and jeff foxworthy
  19. FRANK CALIENDO!! Go to his site or go to youtube.com then search for "Steinfeld" guys a legend.
  20. yall have horrible taste. dane is not that great.

    bill hicks is the greatest comedian in my book. definitely number one.

    bill cosby
    mitch hedburg
    robin williams
    frank caliendo
    blue collar gang
    richard pryor
    stephen lynch
    jerry seinfeld
    richard belzer
    gilbert goddfreid
    joy behar
    thats all i got right now

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