Favorite combo: Beer, Weed, Movie...

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Dr. Snoogans, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Ok, so the title basically explains itself...
    What is your favorite weed type, beer brand and film...

    As for me, I'd have to go for Lemon/OJ Kush, Becks, and The Big Lebowski.
    if that doesn't make my day, something realllllly terrible happened haha.
  2. opiates and nugs are my fav combo, but I dont do it much.
  3. Well my favorite weed,beer,movie combo has to be, whatever chronic I can find, Stone Ruination IPA, and The Departed. I could watch that movie all day long and never get tired of it lol.

    The best combo though is some beers, a few blunts, and a BBQ.
  4. Jack Daniels HARD liquor with a FAT JOINT of sour Diesel. I cant do blunts while drinking cuz i will die.

    If im going hard with the liquor and that joint im probably not inside the house :D
  5. ATM: Loving the san miguel w/ Some Laughing Buddha (only strain i've got over here) And It's too hard to choose a movie :/
  6. As far as the weed is concerned, I've got shit contacts, so any weed is better than no weed. I brew my own beer and have been obsessed with cream ale lately, so my own cream ale would be the beer. Movies, there are too many great films out there, I just watched "In Bruges" yesterday and it was very good. It does star Collin Farrel, but if you've only watched his Hollywood stuff you wouldn't realize he does have a bit of talent, his British films are so much better.
    So, shitty weed, homebrew and foreign or indie film.
  7. Corona, Sour Diesel or White Widow and Up In Smoke
    Maybe like 9-10 beers, few bowl packs and I'd be niiice for the night

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