Favorite Coffee?

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Alright, well I find it a neccessity to have a few cups of coffee EVERY morning. If I don't, my day doesn't start. I find it nice to start the day off with a few cups of StarBuck's HouseBlend brew (I brew it at home), with some French Vanilla creamer, no sugar. It's the most amazing taste in the world. What are your blades favorite coffees?

  2. I just like plain Puerto Rican coffe but if I will get fancy I'll go to Starbocks for a White Chocolate Moccha
  3. I dont drink any hot drinks so I stick with iced coffee which I love.

    At this little coffee shop down town they have Cinnamin Sticky Bun flavor, 2 bucks for a medium isnt bad and it tastes great. Iced mocha lattes at dunkin arent bad.
  4. I like to brew my own at home(Chock ful o nuts) most of the tyme, but i will get a Black and White Iced mocha from Starbucks. Don't really drink it that much, but I do like it. JOE>
  5. Medium double double from Tim Hortons.

  6. I buy the costco columbian bag and fine-grind it. Then I make a fat capp with my machine and add a little hazlenut syrup. I could drink them all day. FUCK that $4 at Starbuck's shit.
  7. large regular with xtra xtra... so good
  8. Caffine is for the weak.
  9. luckily i dont like coffee, the way some addicts (i believe that is the appropriate word) talk about 'needing' a coffee else they cant do anything, makes me glad im not hooked. my friend drinks loads and tried to come off it and found himself shaking a little untill he had a coffee. i think its worse than weed, but society nowadays just goes along with whats acceptable, coffee is and weed isn't as much, but at least its getting less and less hated by other people now, i guess.

    btw im not tryin to shit on your post, fair play to all you coffee drinkers, im cool wid that :wave:
  10. auctually coffee is the cheap mans cocaine.

    i home brew aslo since its cheaper... foldiers medium roast, dark, creamer, no surgar

    i only drink it when i need that "cocaine like" high
  11. nah, coca tea is the cheap man's cocaine. coffee is just the cheap man's coca tea.

    BUT, i do enjoy a good hot brew every couple days or so. I enjoy french roast with a shot of french roast espresso. it's called a shot in the dark where i'm from, or a red eye if you head a little south of here.
  12. they have those at the dunkin donuts down the street... they call it "coffee iwth a shot of turbo"
  13. I just woke up, read this thread, and decided I need to go brew some coffee. :D

  14. good idea AFD... im with ya
  15. hhha not a huge cofee fan but if its in front of me, ill drink it haha. But i do LOVE anything with french vanilla in it. oh man stuff is amazing
  16. Yeah, once again, coffee has saved the day. I was up untill about 5am on the forums last night, then I drank a fill of my starbucks, with a lot of french vanilla creamer in my HUGE mug, it holds about 4-5 cups. I also had some grilled cheese and a wake n' bake, had to start the day off right!


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