Favorite coco mixes?

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    What's your favorite coco mix? Brands? Combinations? Add anything?
  2. i have been using GH cocotek. seems fine. 50-50 with chunky perlite. no additives.
  3. Nice. I'll check it out.

    I've been using Botanicare Cocogro for years with great success, but I'm ready for a change.

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  4. with new coco i always check PPM of runoff water when rinsing it. I found that the last block of Cocotek I decompressed started with PPM's in excess of 600!. Thats salty, and the kind of salt in coco is usually seawater salt which is NOT good for cannabis plants.

    I would think that sea water would contain a relatively large amount of sodium. Sodium will interfere with the uptake of other competitive cations like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, so a starting with high sodium in the medium would not be good.

    I rinse it until the runoff is no more than 100 PPM higher than what i am pouring in. I ph the rinse water to 5.8, to get the coco ready for planting. It usually takes me about 6 gallons of water poured through to get the 10 liters of coco in shape

    lots of people say they are using a coco that doesn't need rinsing. My experience has been that at least some companies are inconsistent with regards to how well their coco is processed. For example, I've had other blocks of cocotek with much lower runoff PPMs than this last block had.
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  5. also i said i use no additives with the coco/perlite medium, but I do add things to my base nutrients, as documented in the thread in my signature.

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