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  1. What’s your favorite clippers for trimming?? Got a 2 pound harvest to clean up and I’m trying to level up my trim game lol

    Right now I’m using shear perfection and they’re not to bad.
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    I prefer these kind of scissors/shears.

    not the spring loaded ones...
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  3. [​IMG]
    Annual GC clip fest, fuel prices could hold us back this year, swabbing the blades with iso
    speeds things up as does regular sharping, smaller loads best done with Fiskars
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  4. I’ll have to try that kind. I always use the spring loaded ones, my spring actually broke today which is why I wanna try some new ones.
  5. Aren’t there wipes you can use? If so, what brand??
  6. I use a kitchen towel with a dab of iso or vodka, the latter allows the justification
    of drinking the other half while snipping...
    its boring as hell!
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  7. I like the kind that has a curved blade. I also like the spring loaded version. It’s a toss up with the trim crew though, some like the straight blades with no spring too:thumbsup:
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  8. I use spring loaded Fiskers. The older uncoated blades. 3 pairs so when they get gummed up I just drop them in a glass of ISO. I consider them throw away tools as they only last one season at most.
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  9. Lol yea I listen to podcasts mostly while I trim. Sometimes I watch movies but then it slows me down looking up at the tv all the time. I trim at about 1 oz an hour so any longer then that and it really draws out.
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  10. OXO good grips. I have plenty of the Fiskars which I use for topping and pruning, but for trimming sticky buds these big kitchen shears work great and can be taken apart to clean.
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