Favorite cigarillo to roll with?

Discussion in 'General' started by stache321, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys again hopefully someone replies but anyways, another question just to see what other smokers are like. so what is everyone's favorite cigarillo to use brand, flavor, or even wraps? :smoking:
  2. swisher is king
  3. true that what flavor? i have been switching it up lately.
  4. Could not find a picture of it on google images, but its called a "Dutch" and it comes in a blue wrapping. Lots of people down here in new york buy them to roll their blunts, so when u see these wrappers on the floor you just know some one had a good time :)
  5. Swisher Sweet cigarillos
  6. White owl :cool:
  7. i know what you are talking about that is what i have been using i will put a pic up
  8. i do love white grape it is a great one to start with in my opinion
  9. Swishers are the most popular, and they're easy to roll with.
    I like the blueberry flavor, or strawberry.

    But phillies are by far the worst to roll with, it's so stale like, when you try to gut it, the blunt breaks lol

  10. I know what you mean but the strawberry dutch is just so smooth and i have a blunt splitter and it is a life saver lol
  11. grape swishers....yezsir
  12. you can never go wrong swisher but this is my favorite [​IMG] :smoking:

  13. Yeah dude, I still have yet to try a dutch.
    But, the thing is, I was using a blunt splitter with the phillie, and it still broke...
    And yes, I licked it before I cut it, there's no getting past those damn phillies.
  14. yeah fuck phillies they and good times are more like hard times since those are 50 cents lol and games taste like syrup
  15. Sooooo.... Does anyone have a preference other than swisher? :rolleyes:
  16. Peach white owls are good.

  17. I don't know where you were going with this thread lol, it's almost like asking favorite car brands.

    There's only going to be a few popular genuinely good brands lol
  18. Awwww ya

  19. touche touche but im bored as fuck lol and im just on that high shit you know
  20. :poke:I didn't make this thread. :cool:

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