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Favorite Cigarette

Discussion in 'General' started by Calismoker420, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hey smokers, so I was chillin with my friends today and we started talking about our favorite stoges. My personal favorite are Camel Crushes, idk something about that artificial menthol. So GC, what are your favorites?
  2. Haha, me too man! I'm smoking one right now. I love that menthol burst you get and its a good brand to have if one of your friends doesn't smoke menthol and wants a smoke.

    Love this brand.:D

    Edit: Just noticed there is this exact same thread just a little down the page.
  3. Fail thread.

    There was already a fav cig thread a few threads down.
  4. I've never tried camel crush, but I don't smoke if I'm not drunk either.

    I thought they got recalled or some shit? I always need a cover up for if I get pulled over.
  5. My favorite cigg's are Benson and Hedge's, they just got a really nice taste and smell to them. But usually I settle for my Marlboro red's cause the benson's are like $7 a pack.
  6. Marlboro anything.. usually lights.
  7. Stuyvesant Filter
  8. Anything high in nicotine and low in price.
  9. Mainly been buying Pall Malls lately... No sense spending a lot of money to give myself cancer. :D
  10. Marlboro Gold touch

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