Favorite chill music?

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  1. I just finished a few bowls, and was wondering... what music do you guys like to listen to when you are high?
    Personally, I like to listen to some good chill music like Ziggy Marley, Bob, Dispatch, OAR, DMB...
    What do the rest of you like?

    EDIT: Sublime! haha, I like to listen to Sublime too.
  2. i like to rock out on some Jack Johnson, Panic at the disco, Rage, the list goes on but for the chillin it has to be Jack Johnson, very chill and cool songs. JOE>
  3. Jack Johnson does have some mighty fine tunes.
  4. i also like this old hiphop group named Camp lo, they have some very chill ass tunes. Download Sparklin, I think that is the name of it, it is smooth as hell. JOE>
  5. Pink floyd and the beatles that wt i should be listning to cause I'm stoned dude :bongin: :smoking: took like 10 minutes to pick the smileys
  6. Sublime, Bone thugs, Damian Marley, Bob Marley, The Exit, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Daddy Yankee, Matisyahu, Tyte Wurk (Not very well know but they got that song "Mary-Jane Remix, A.K.A. Smoker's Anthem) and other things.
  7. man the grateful dead, doobie bros, pink floyd, or some guitar jazz
  8. citizen cope is the shit floyd jack johnson i jus rlax
  9. Hmm, that's odd, lol. I listen to almost all of the bands mentioned when I'm NOT stoned. After tokin' though, I just like to chill to some trance or techno.
  10. Hmmm... 311, Sublime, Matisyahu, Jack Johnson, G. Love and Special Sauce, Bob Marley, Damian Marley, etc....
  11. Oar All Day!!! Ill Be At Bonnaroo In 7 Days!!!!
  12. My favorite chill music is Sublime, Bob, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Ozzy, Bone Thugs, Cypriss Hill(sp?), Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Dropkcik Murpheys, anything metal and hard punk. Those are the kinds I like juat because it goes form mellow to pumped up.:smoking:
  13. I've had Pink Floyd on my stero system playing nonstop for roughly a week and a half!:cool:

    (and I've been baking nonstop for a week and a half):smoking:
  14. This guy knows whats up. execpt u for got some Zeppelin dude.
  15. I only listen to one chill type band and thats Sublime. Otherwise I'm always listening to metal. Don't listen to much straight up "rock" whatever people classify that as now. Any kind of metal is good for me.
  16. ever hear steve lawson's bass looping... thats chillin...hes got a few free ones on myspace.check it out.
  17. my bloody valentine - "loveless"
  18. Pink Floyd are the masters of chill music. Echoes just chills the fuck out of me.
  19. David Gilmour's new album, listening to the songs subsequently is awsome, its quite an experience :)
  20. chill bands/songs:

    Led:battle of evermore,babe im gonna leave you, Stairway

    Hendrix: Littlewing,wind cries mary, all along the watchtower,catfish blues

    Doobie Bros.: blackwater

    Kansas: Dust in the wind

    Skynyrd: ballad of Curtis Lowe,Simple man,comin' home,Free bird

    Clapton:Willie and the handjive,tears in heaven,change the world

    Pink Floyd: wish you were here,great gig in the sky

    John Butler trio: peaches 'n' cream <~~(if u havent heard this make sure you do!!)

    to name a few.....

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