Favorite Cereal to Eat when High

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TidalWaveRips, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. I Love Froot Loops and Captain Crunch Berries ;)
  2. Cocoa pebbles with chocolate milk
  3. Oh yes!
  4. Frankenberry, no doubt about it.
  5. I love golden grahms.
  6. Lucky Charms or frosted mini wheats with little milk and added sugar.
  7. reese's puffs all day
  8. You gotta try fruity pebbles high
  9. I bet it's good
  10. Fruity fuckin pebbles!!!! cant go wrong
  11. Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Krispies
  12. Plain ol' Cheerios. No additives, just milk and o's.
  13. reeses puffs and cookie crisps mixed together with chocolate milk.

    its the shit.
  14. Fruity Pebbles in vanilla yogurt instead of milk. :cool:
  15. Frosted fucking flakes
  16. Captain motherfucking crunch berries.
  17. Frosted Flakes are underrated!
  18. I got a fucking terrible stomach virus and the first thing I threw up was cookie crisps and chocolate milk. I thew up 20+ times that night (mostly water from trying to rehydrate). But never again will I mix those two. It has scared me.

    But my favorite would probably be Hamburger Helper's stroganoff. That's my shit. When we were pour as a kid that's all I ate. That and ramen noodles. But by the time I was a teen my parents were fucking loaded but I never could stop eating that hamburger helper.
  19. Chocolate Cheerios
  20. Cinnamon toast crunch with whole milk <3

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