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  1. Ive seen alot of "favorite tv show while high" threads but not cartoons. So i wanna know what are some of your favorite cartoons to watched blazed? Me personally any 90's nicktoon, best time of tv no doubt. That said though i would have to go with Ed Edd n Eddy. I will watch that until im 80 years old and beyond haha
  2. Take a guess... :p
  3. [quote name='"Benderbob"']Take a guess... :p[/quote]

    Haha awesome choice
  4. Adventure Time.

    Regular Show is good when you're high too but I'm way more into AT.
  5. Ima have to go with DBZ, ed edd and eddy and scooby doo :cool:
  6. There is but one winner: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMpG1Z7OeHw]My favorite part in Aqua Teen Hunger Force: [CMFFT] - YouTube[/ame]
  7. One Piece, by far.
  8. Adventure time/American dad
  9. Family Guy

    Most cartoons I watched back in the day because of the nostalgia and new points of view. Once you're older you can take a deeper look at those cartoons and find all kinds of humor or subtlies that you probably passed up as a kid. Can't be beat.

    Spongebob when you're stupid high bc of the faces the characters make
  10. King oF The Hill all day.
  11. hey arnold, spongebob, doug, Batman TAS, aqua teen hunger force, can't choose just one.

  12. I thought that website was gonna be something dodgy but its actually pretty cool.
  13. Courage the cowardly dog.
    That show is Trippy as fuck, like in some episodes I can't believe it was meant for kids.
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    That show used to scare the shit out of me. And this was last week. :eek:

    when are adventure time and regular show on?
  15. recently got in to adventure time and regular show both very good baked
  16. Boondocks, and Squidbillies, classic shit. Long Live Uncle Rukus! JOE>
  17. Chowder!
    Maaaaan that's the trippy shit, it was made for stoners.
  18. Adult Swim
    All those old Nickelodeon cartoons
    But Courage The Cowardly Dog is where its at! Trippiest fucking show Ive ever seen.
  19. Adventure time is awesome they put so much adult humor in it its great
    Regular show is made for stoners by stoners, its so obvious

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