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Favorite bud...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phatboy420k, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. my favorite bud is either white russian or PG104(the name around here for p91 and G13 hybrid) im not sure
  2. Theres only been 1 time when ive actually found out the name of the strain i was smokin, and that was skunk#1, and daaaayum!
  3. pretty good sht
  4. my favorite bud would have to be...oh lemme see OP
    lmfao other peoples :p im always the damn supplier damnit someone toke one wif MEEEEE :D :smoke: okay im done whinin :smoking:
  5. i dont really ever know the strain im smokin...i just get me some nugs and puff away
  6. i always want 2 no the strain. this chick i no got bud laced with angel dust. this guy sold that sht 2 people but she didnt no what it was
  7. well laced weed isnt a strain :p

    I'd have to say my fav strains are somewere between Maui Waui and just about any of the Haze's... not sure if i ever had real purple haze, i've had silver, hawaiian and golden haze. The best out of them would of been Golden Haze, 1 hit wonder.. after one hit, a migrain haead ache that ihda for hours went away and i was almost instantly huigh by the time i exhaled. :)
  8. when i smoke i usually dont know or care what kinda bud it is as long as its good sht
  9. hehe most ppl dotn care, but each strain feels differnt :)
  10. I have only smoked bud with a name once, and that my friends was Silver Haze. Pretty good shit. Me and this dude smoked a pinner and I was fuckin riiiipppppped.
  11. hey sup phatboy
  12. hehe Silver Haze is bomb as heeeeeellllll :)
  13. Usually it's BS when a dealer tells you the name of a strain, cuz otherwise you would be able to look at it and smell it and instantly know it's good...not always bs tho. I jus smoke the good stuff:)

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