Favorite breed of dog?

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  1. American Pit Bull Terrier
  2. I find pit bulls to be the world most rounded dog they can do any thing you put them up.to..they are super friendly an very smart dogs.my American bulldog was amazing he was one kind dog.he knew how to ride a skate board that was good times an ever one in our neighborhood loved him.he was every ones dog in a way loved every one not .mean bone in his body .now dobermans them dogs are evil lol.
  3. I've met a nice Dobie actually. I don't think I'd ever have a pit bull, just because I'm afraid I wouldn't raise it to be the best example of the pit bull community. Lots of training and exercise to keep that breed healthy and happy, and I don't trust myself to follow up all the time.
  4. Husky, there is no debate. They are real dogs.
  5. Well, what are the rest of them? Stuffed animals? haha.
  6. My favorite breed of dog is a beagle, because they're very smart and I love the way how they howl lolz. I'm a owner of a Beagle named Bruce and he got some cool tricks, I'ma post a video if I can get someone to record it for me.

  7. My one dog is half beagle. :D

    She's 15 and definitely isn't long for this world, but man she's been an amazing pet... If not stubborn AS HELL.
  8. Awesome! My dog is only 3 and he seems very healthy, I just took him to the vet the other day, because of his seizure's reaction scared the hell out of me. I would do anything for this dog to stay alive...he was my brother's dog but since he passed away, I'm taking care of his beagle..
  9. Aww shit, I can't pick just one!

    I really like Australian Cattle Dogs/Heelers


    And Australian Shepherds


    And White Shepherds


    I mostly like mixed breeds though... Like this fucking adorable Aussie/Corgi mix.


  10. All herding dogs! That's interesting.

    Herding dogs are definitely amazing but I don't think I'd ever want to own a purebred one. Too smart for me, haha. I just love working dogs. Bigbigbigbig dogs for me please!

  11. Yeah, I guess so. I wasn't trying to focus specifically on herding dogs, but all those breeds are fucking beautiful.

    I love the color pattern on heelers and aussies. And I love the adorable look of the white shepherds.

    I love plenty of other dog breeds too though. Corgis for instance. I think mixed breeds are the coolest, because there are so many unique looking mixed breed dogs.

    Ideally someday I'd like to have a couple of dogs... maybe like a medium sized mixed breed dog and a large mixed breed dog.

    A rottie mix would be pretty cool. Check out this guy, apparently he's a rottie/black lab mix.


  12. Corgis are also herding dogs. Herding dogs are stunning so I definitely see why someone'd like a lot of them. I don't dislike any dog breeds, and I have very few that I consider favorites. I'm a fanatic about dogs in general. Aussies and Cattle dogs have the blue merle coat that I love. Cardigan corgis and rough/smooth collies can have that, too. It's so pretty.

    That dog is sooo cute. I love mutts! I've been a proud owner of 3. My dog Jaimie was the coolest looking thing, no other dog will ever look like her.


    And that's my beagle mix in the background.
  13. Oh wow, I had no idea corgis were herding dogs! How do they herd with those tiny little legs?! :laughing:

    Totally cute doggies in your pic, btw. :smoking:
  14. Hahaha, the image of a corgi herding is definitely funny. They nip at cows' heels, just like cattle dogs (hence their other name blue heelers).

    Thank you :3 my dogs are my babies. Especially my boy Ace, he's the cutest of all!

  15. Oh my golly, that is an adorable fucking doggy right there.
  16. Hehe thank you :3
  17. I have a Black Lab mix and a red nosed pit, the lab looks at me with pure love in his eyes, the pit also shows his love, but by being fiercely protective of me.....

  18. It makes me sad how pits are hated so much.

    And it's like people just hate any dog who looks like a pit, not just pits themselves even.

    I had a friend once who had a little red nosed pit, she was a runt, so tiny. You could call her a "medium" sized dog at best. People didn't even take a second glance at her except to comment about how adorable she was. No one was afraid of her, even though she was full blooded pit bull.

    Had another friend with a very large pit bull. People were absolutely terrified of him.
    I was playing with that dog once, playing keep-away with his Kong toy, he kept trying to get it away from me and at one point he tried to grab the toy with his paw and he just barely scratched my face with one of his claws. The very second he heard me say "ow" he stopped playing, sat down, and rested his head in my lap while licking me with this sad look on his face as if he actually felt bad for hurting me.

    It was adorable.

    There's a lot of really great well-trained pits out there. Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad horribly-trained pits out there too. :(
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    Don't get me wrong, our red nose is as sweet as can be to everybody, but I can tell if it came down to it the Lab would run and the pit would protect us with his life...I have had to reprimand the pit before and his feelings get so hurt I have to sweet talk him and pet him for some time before he feels loved again, he's really a sweetheart...

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