Favorite breed of dog?

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  1. Whats your favorite dog breed?

    I have always wanted a bulldog. They just look chill. They are always laying around.
  2. [​IMG]

    English Cocker Spaniel. Without a doubt one of my favorite dogs.

    My parents back home have one and I just can't love him enough. They're perfectly tempered, incredibly affectionate and are surprisingly easy to train.

    Plus they're not too big so that they look intimidating, yet not too small so that you look like a queer with one.
  3. I love me and my girlfriends Australian Shepherd, the picture is not of my dog but my dog looks exactly the same.

    He's a red tri, he's smart as shit, and he doesn't bark...he's a stealth dog. Perfect when you just want to chill with your furry friend, be high, and not have to worry about all that loud pitched barking, my sister has a Pom and the thing barks constantly.

    Perfect dog, no lie.

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  4. Funny you posted that, I have 3 cocker spaniels haha. They came with the house I am renting.. Previous owner cant take care of them. They sure are cute! One of them is a pup yet and has an unbelievable amount of energy.

    I started looking into Australian Shepherds, I was planning on getting one some day. I have read they are one of the most smartest dog breeds out there. My grandpa actually wants me to get one to help with cattle.

  5. I was gonna say if you lived around Atlanta I'd be more than happy to take that little guy off your hands. I absolutely LOVE Cocker Spaniels (partly cause I have an extreme bias towards them :p ) and would love to raise one on my own.

    Just be careful with them around people, they get all excited and can let loose a waterfall of pee for anyone unsuspecting of a Spaniel's bladder :)
  6. Thanks for the advice! I live in wisco, so that would be a bit of a drive lol. They are great dogs, just the last owner never trained them or anything.. So its up to me. Yeah one of them likes to jump, and the pup especially likes to mark his territory or hump the other cockers. He is funny though, whenever you pet him he always likes to friendly yelp at you. He is very vocal lol; but not loud if that makes sense. A very fun dog.
  7. American Stafford and Czech Wolf probably.
  8. Well. I was going to upload a pic of my two dogs, but the Android GC app is being doopid.
    Male =\tpurebred Blue Nose pitbul
    Female = Rednose pitbul / britney spaniel
  9. This is exactly our Aussies bladder, we have to take him outside before any company comes over, and even then a few drops still might come out.

    When he was a puppy he must have ruined 5 or 6 different pairs of random peoples shoes when they went to pet him. It didn't take long for my gf and I to figure it out and keep our dog from getting close to people if he hadn't gone outside. But as he's gotten older it's gotten a tiny bit better, haha.
  10. The classic german shepard theyre cute as puppies and are good dogs for security and they just look so damn sexy \beastiality comments
  11. or is it type it before idc fuck it
  12. Jack Russell...

    They are compact :) and better than any cat for mice/rat "removal"

  13. Huge pic of such a small dog with the jack russle haha!

    And RooRgle they make diapers for dogs.. I shit you not, my mom babysits this dog sometimes who has to always wear a diaper because he is constantly marking his territory.
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    My favorite that I've ever owned was a Basset Hound.

    But I also like Corgis (both Pembroke and Cardigan) and Great Danes.

  15. Black lab, German Sheppard, or husky.
  16. Ginormousaurous Mutant Pomeranian (aka: my doggie Ranger)...


    he's knee high and 40ish pounds of huge Pomeranian...had papers when I got him but adoption required 'fixing' so what good are papers...:p

    vet thought he was a chow then did a double take when he turned around face to face...he was just HUGE for his breed. Smart, excellent recall, well mannered, knows his job is to bark at people entering until told otherwise by me *(took awhile). ....very loyal gentle and loving teddybear dog.:D
  17. God damn that is a garagantuan among Pomeranian :eek:
  18. Bulldog/shitzu mix

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