Favorite Brand of Papers?

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    Okay, so me and some friends were having an argument over which brand of rolling paper was the most popular so I decided to leave it to the masses. Take your pick and if you choose OTHER please describe which brand!

    Even if you don't smoke joints that often you at least have a brand you associate with papers! Let us know!
  2. Job 1.25s get it done. Perfect amount of paper, good glue, and usually $.99 aroudn the corner for me.
  3. no EZ widers?
    hmmm i guess ill go with zig zag
  4. raw kingsize ftw
  5. Bump for the evening crowd.
  6. [​IMG]

    RAW is my new fav go to paper, the white zigs are for smaller joints and orange 1 1/4s were my old fav.
  7. I really like Joker papers...especially the Joker hemp papers, they are the shit. Today I tried a juicy jay chocolate chip cookie dough...if you ever get the chance to try its a must:smoking:
  8. I generally like papers that you can taste the least. Favorites are Elements and hempire. they're supposedly made with rice and hemp respectively and i find they roll the most consistent.

    zig zags will do if i have nothing else but they can have a 'dampened' feel which makes rolling a tad more tedious
  9. never really bought paper til the other day and now i cant stop rolling these king size rizlas
  10. yo how could u forget ez-widers
  11. I only smoke raw.

  12. Same here.

    Have you tried Elements?
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    Favourite by far is Bob Marleys :)
    But I'm rockin' the Marleys and Rizlas right now
  14. i love the raw unbleached. smoking it is pretty smooth, and it is pretty easy to roll.
    my second is zigzag orange, then elements
  15. first pack were Marley Kings. I got zig-zags now and they do the trick just fine. HATE juicy jacys, they fuck up your weed.
  16. I always get the zen hemp papers
  17. i like american spirit light papers, but i cant find them anywhere, so i just get orange zig zags.
  18. I started using the 1.5s then got better and use 1.25, and that was 1o years ago. I voted for JOBs.
  19. elements


    or RAW
  20. Raws are my favorite to smoke but i love how elements come with 50 papers per pack, unlike raws 32

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