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favorite brand/bong brand?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurnerBoy, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. ive had a couple different brands of bongs including delta 9, roor, heavy and my current zob. my favorite is the zob. does anyone agree with my taste? whats your favorite?
  2. local glass

  3. Dislike ( Not hating on it just don't really like it IMO :/ )
  4. What ever I can smoke out of

  5. Care to explain why?
  6. Illadelph, SG, Syn, Phx
  7. those are some good ones! ive always wanted ta hit an illadelph
  8. Local glass, illadelph, roor
  9. Momo bongs out of Columbia Missouri. The nicest bong I've ever smoked out of
  10. You guys are just paying for a name. Most of your local glassblowers should be able to make as good or even better glass. Stop being lazy and do research in your area..

    My local even has their own take on the PHX honeycomb design for a fraction of the price.
  11. I got mad love for Roor
  12. Ssfg, quality and affordability.
  13. Actually Illadelph's attatchable coil condensers are fucking AMAZING. and no other brand has them.
  14. You mean the tube of glycerine you stick in your freezer before you smoke? Sorry Fly Guy but locals make those, too. Save your money and just use an ice catcher.. :smoke:
  15. Really? I've never seen em. But I mean if someone can afford the brand name then why not?
  16. Agung just because I've been smoking from Agung style glass bongs for over 20 years to date and have a draw full of all the Agung accessories and parts you could ever need.

    Also it's Australian and I don't buy any products which are imported
  17. Because the name brand companies are just ripping you off and supporting your local artists will help keep them around.

    Illadelph's thousand dollar coil condenser bongs are just making a large company very rich.
  18. Afriend of mine has a tsunami that hit super smooth. But its super fragile:(

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