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    Diffuser is not included because i see that as a necessary
    my favorite would probably be between an ice catcher or ash catcher

    in use with a beaker bottom roor that is
  2. time to vote i just set up the poll lets all be political
  3. I kind of view the ice catcher as you view the diffuser. A bong without an ice catcher is no bong to me (typically). The Ash Catcher is the must have accessory in my book. A/Cs set bongs apart and they just look badass in addition to functionality.
  4. but not everyone who has a high end bong has an ice catcher but almost everyone who has a high end bong has a diffuser
  5. Gotta love the ice catcher!
  6. All about that percolator, I was wondering if anyone has ever been a stem that is actually solid in the actual stem and the glass is actually swirled in a spiral so that the smoke comes out pinning and maybe causing a good water to smoke contact area? if so ILL buy oNe!
  7. Not going to lie, I love me some ice catchers.
  8. You said ashcatcher, including all styles of it, and then included inline as an option.:confused:. So I voted ashcatcher. Nothing like having an always clean bong with a little extra filtration. Ice catcher are kind of pointless to me. I used to love them when I was a kid, but now I find myself hardly ever putting ice in my piece. Also you can stack up ice in almost any piece, including bubble bottoms, you just have to worry about alot of melting water.

  9. you mean a spiral perc? Ive hit some good ones and some bad ones. Some companies make the spiral too thin or have to thin/too few holes/slits in them. But they do look sick
  10. Ice Ice Baby! I love nothing more than taking a huge solar hit with my epic mag glass, and my bing choc full o crushed up ice:cool:.
  11. Percs all day :smoking:
  12. its all about the percs man :D
  13. ice catcher all day
  14. seriously? has no one ever experienced an activated charcoal filter? smoothest tokes you'll get off a bong and way healthier
  15. Condenser Coils is where its at. as far as i know there are only a few brands that produce them, i know illedelph is one.
  16. I like the thing that stops the water from spilling if it is tipped over. dunno what it's called, but it's cool!
  17. ash catcher :smoking:
  18. i want to get either a Toro, LUX, or RooR bong
    with either a Morgan or Wildrok inline ashcatcher

    anyone from Orlando, FL know where I could pick up a LUX or Toro??? I know where to get RooRs...but i think id rather have a Toro.

    and i have wildrok's email address so im gonna contact them that way to get an inline...anyone know how i can get ahold of Morgan...or even Luke Wilson?
  19. perc hands down there are so many varieties.

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