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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Uni, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. What is your favorite brand and flavored blunt? and what do you recommend?

    At the moment i'm on a white owl kick my fave is white grape so far. I mean i love other flavors too but i always find myself getting grape as a main flavor with blunts like if i grab a mixture of different blunt flavors there has to be a grape in the mix or more.
  2. I love Juicy J hemp wraps. Super slow burning and quality wraps. Easy to roll. Lots of great flavors to choose from.

    My favorite flavor Is called tropical passion I think. It smells and tastes like a pina colada.

    I only smoke hemp wraps, so I've tried a ton of those. Juicy J seems to be the best. Lots of brands suck for hemp wraps

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