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  1. I usually smoke out of bongs or pieces, but sometimes there is a need for a nice blunt, ya know :)?

    Anyways, I usually use grape swishers, never really tried anything else..a friend told me chocolate phillies are they way to go..any thoughts?
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  3. psh is that a serious question? gotta go witht eh dankest of the dank

    Royal Blunts Purple Haze Blunt Wrap
  4. Strawberry swisher sweets..
  5. You sir have great taste in wraps. All of those above are favorites...Also try a grape white owl sometime...very tasty for a grape blunt. Juicy blunts has a banana split blunt wrap that is also delish.
  6. Platinum Mellow Mango

    Kingpin Maple Syrup

    Juicy Jay's - Peaches and Cream
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    Why thank you, for the most part, Royals are all I smoke. They just roll so much better than any other wraps. But you can't beat a dutch, and swishers are nice for smaller blunts. And I've never rolled a white owl, but I've heard good things.

    I smoked a maple syrup kingpin today for the first time, and I gotta say I wasn't impressed, They smelled amazing, but was very harsh in my opinion, and my buddy I puffed it with agreed. We're gonna stick with royals, they just burn so nicely, and I've got a good 30-50 of them in my closet already. ha
  8. Those all look great, but whats a nice brand that I can buy at the local gas station, or are those brands available at a specialized smoke shop?
  9. I like the Purple Haze Royal Blunts...all I use to smoke...but I recently tried the Nortorious B.I.G blunt wrap...it was yummy.
  10. Garcia y Vega Game Wine, in the foil package
  11. Smoker friendly should carry em, and a lot of gas stations will too. but its hard to say, I don't know hour town... pretty much any cigar you can buy at a gas station will work. swisher sweets are friggin everywhere.
  12. I would normally say vanilla mini dutch masters but for blunt wraps i would go with Kush Blunt Wraps
  13. maybe you got a dry one.... and trim some paper before you roll

    moist maple syrups are delicious
  14. TRUE BLUNT: kush

    by far the best
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    perhaps, we didn't smoke it for like 40 minutes after it was rolled.

    and thats nuts how big the anti smoking things are on shit in the uk. they don't even put those on wraps here.
  16. how can i fix dry papers?

  17. buy quality papers..........they are cheap...spend the extra 50 cents!
  18. dang dude.. that picture is such a bad trip after toking :smoking:
    "Smoking can lead to a slow and painful death" ahaha

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