Favorite Blunt Wrap/ Rillo?

Discussion in 'General' started by MrDougieFresh, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Mine would either be the delicious Notorious B.I.G. Sky's the Limit or Royal BLunt XXL Wet Mango Wraps.
    And do you like wraps or a real rillo or cigar? Opinions?

    STAY LIT:smoking:
  2. Blueberry swishers
    backwoods are good too :) mmm.. lol
  3. Any swisher. a game. or the GOD GIVEN DUTCHIE
  4. Vanilla dutches. Was a swisher girl til they became a bitch to stick besides they don't have vanilla.
  5. ^ Agreed. V dutches are tasty and easy.
  6. Never rolled with a dutch. I have rolled a fat swisher perfecto though. Those are wonderful.
  7. Can't stand Swishers. Too dry. It's all about White Owls. They are the best IMO
  8. Garcia Vega's what you know bout that
  9. maaaan hold up! 8)
  10. White owl
  11. You from Texas too!
  12. I live in fuck ass El Paso, moving to Austin pretty soon,
  13. cool ''
  14. Garcia Vega,
  15. White grape Games or honey Dutch Masters
  16. white owl
  17. Peace white owls :cool:
  18. white owls, and if I want to mix it up I go with some zig zag wraps
  19. If you can roll a Swisher perfecto correctly, then its wonderful.

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