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Favorite blunt? (non-wrap)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShitisNice, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Just curious as to what cigars you guys buy to roll a blunt with, I usually always get a full size Game, all different flavors
  2. White owls. My friend has been rolling up with those a lot recently and they're great. And the pineapple flavor is the official summer flavor for us
  3. Straight swishas here. Originals biiiitch
  4. Blueberry swishers in the foil pack are all i use unless i use a wrap
  5. I live in dutch-master territory, so of course I think that's the best. There's just something about rolling a DM that makes me feel like a small cuban lady rolling cigars in.... cuba.
  6. My favorite blunts are the one's that aren't anywhere near me.
  7. games all day errday
  8. Chocolate Phillies
    Strawberry Phillies
    and Pineapple White Owls
  9. I've never seen pineapple white owls.Im gonna keep an eye out for them,I really like the white grape
  10. platinum blueberry burst are gorgeous wraps
  11. Swishas (Regular/Blueberry) & Pineapple White Owls
  12. I prefer white owls. Always seems to be the freshet. When ever I buy swishers they are always very dry and break. Dutch masters are ok.
  13. Grape game dutch
  14. Swisher Sweets! Can't go wrong with 'em. White Owls burn too slow in my opinion. .
  15. All white owls. All I use.
  16. Honey dutches and swishers sweets
  17. White Grape Games or Honey Dutch Masters. Mmmmmm... :smoke:

  18. White owls burn....too...slow? Haha, listen to this guy! :smoke:

    By the way, loving the love for the pineapple white owls in here! Gonna spread some rep around!
  19. I feel like there's so many of these freakin threads
  20. Probably because there is. What do you expect from the Apprentice section?

    But to answer the OP's ?.

    I prefer White Owls over everything. Love trying new ones though if I see them at stores. But I usually just go with whatever is the cheapest. 2 for X amount. Right now been smoking a lot of Zig Zag Cigarillos. 2 for 86 cents, can't beat it.

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