Favorite beer

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  1. to sip on while high or just in general.
  2. Steele reserve

    cuz a 40 ounce cost me 2.30
  3. Rogue Dead Guy Ale never fails to satisfy.
  4. blue moon with an orange slice is probably my favorite when I'm high, but when I'm not high, I enjoy any beer that goes great with lime. Corona, XX, etc.
  5. Bells Two Hearted Ale
  6. rolling rock
  7. i like alot of different beer that are local, but i got to say that i enjoy the unfiltered heifenweizer its a portland brew
  8. steel reserve. tastes like vomit, but 1 gets me toasty and 2 gets me white girl wasted. for $1.29 a pop, cant really beat it. cheap is my favorite flavor lol
  9. Olde English for those poor days
  10. Magic Hat #9
  11. Lakeport Honey Lager :) maybe once or twice a month I'll have a beer.

    The best beer I've had was named Presidente while I was visiting Dominican Republic... the only beer they have!
  12. A nice cold 6 pack of bottled MGDs or modelos with a kush blunt :)
  13. 40 oz Olde English, closely seconded by PBR.
  14. Blue moon is tasty as fuck and something I can get on a regular basis, but Red Stripe is the best I ever had.
  15. Hopus

    Pliny The Elder (or) Younger

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