Favorite Beaches In Southeastern Usa?

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  1. I live in Georgia and my buddies were wanting to take a mini-vacation soon. Do you have any particular beaches you like to visit down in alabama, florida, georgia, or the carolina's?

    We're thinking about:
    -Panama City
    -Myrtle Beach
    -Gulf shores

  2. Daytona beach is pretty popular. Thats really the only place I've been to in the south. And of course, Miami beach is popular.
  3. I like daytona  but since your in Ga have you ever been to cumberland island.The island is really different but chill. I would recommend that unless you just want to party then yea daytona 
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    Outer Banks, North Carolina 
    Kill Devil Hills & Nags Head.....took a couple trips out to Cape Hatteras
    Lived out there for a couple years, surfing couches being a beach bum. 
    Worked in a movie theater in the evening and by day baked in the glorious sun :love: :smoking:
    Not too crowded and the Outer Banks had a chill vibe
    Have fun!
  5. Hi..
    Last year I visited Orange Beach, Alabama.The beach was beautiful also Orange Beach condos are beautifully designed with private balconies, oversize whirlpool tubs, glassed-in showers.we had lots of activities there like we go for snorkeling, rent a kayak, parasail, surf, fishing.Really is an amazing place to visit.

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