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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by p3n3, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. What's your favorite band? Rancid is prolly mine, I've been likin Coheed and Cambria a lot tho too. Coheed and Cambria is a great band, they're like a modern Led Zeppelin IMHO
  2. i dont really have a fav band... right now im listening to system of a down... been a while since i head them... but i like em.. ill really listen to anything... as long as it doesnt suck...
  3. DEFTONES! Primus, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd... man I can't choose just one!!

    Note to others: Never listen to Korn's Untouchable album. Stoned or unstoned. It's a disgrace and a huge slap in the face to music in general.
  4. Rage against the machine is great. listen to STUN if you like them. Movement is a very good song
  5. Crucial Unit, RAMBO, Municipal Waste, Black Flag, Circle jerks. local punk bands that no one would know.
  6. Black Flag. great band. damaged, life of pain, tv party, all great. i like the dead kennedys a lot too, another great band. i went to warped tour this summer and it was blast.
  7. sublime

    long beach dub allstars is awesome and so is (hed)p.e.
  8. Insane Clown Posse and Twizted I am a juggalo For Life.

  9. Dude, Primus is the BEST BAND EVER! AND THEY'RE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!! New dvd/ep coming out oct 7th and a full US/Canada tour starting in oct too!!!!

  10. im talking MAINE local bands man... i highly doubt you've heard of any of these. but here goes.

    pinko and the action boys.
    big meat hammer. (this is probably the most likely that anyone outisde of maine has heard of. they formed in the 80's i think. )
    down to kill.
    tom savage explosion.
  11. wow thats awesome. yeah jordan of big meat hammer formed i think the 2nd punk band to ever come out of boston. he's played a pretty big role up here in the northeast.
  12. Some of my current favorites are:
    Jack Johnson
    Ben Harper
    Howie Day
    Dave Matthews Band
    Jeff Buckley
    Blues Traveler
    ...just to name a few, but I love just about every type of music.

  13. A guy that I knew played in a band called Jumbo Shrimp with Klaus Fluoride (sp?) from DK.
  14. the used, a static lullaby, coheed and cambria, hot hot heat, at the drive in, pepper, sublime, among others
  15. 311, RX Bandits, Fenix Tx, Sublime, Something Coporate, Lees than Jake, Finch!!!!!!!!!
  16. i have some problems with emo. like it think rufio sucks a dick. but the used i have no problems with, i'm a big fan of a box full of sharp objects (lol yeah just that song). taking back sunday and thursday arent too bad either.

    I'm hopin that the co and ca, thrice, and thursday tour goes somewhere near me in ny so i can see that
  17. rufio isnt emo...its pop punk, there is a big difference and many people get confused...emo isnt blink 182 or brand new...snd i love thursday they rule
  18. there's definitely some emo in there, for me these sub-genres aren't impassible bouncaries that were set long ago my some unknown force. it sounds to me like a bunch of people whining because a girl doesn't like them, which in my opinion is emo
  19. all types of music have lyrics about girls...am i the o nly one who sees this...i have seen it from metal to rap...emo is the sound produced not the lyrics written and i think people mistake this...and i admit emo does have more of these lyrics that is not all it is...but at least they have passion for what they are writing
  20. what does emo stand for? you mention passion often, you think anti-flag isn't passionate about what they write? or any band for that matter?

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