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Favorite authors/books???

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by Miss_X, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. i've been reading a lot of Tom Robbins lately, he's pretty good. of course my all time favorites would have to me dr. seuss and jk rowling

    book = catcher in the rye OR harry potter series
  2. a yes books. the forgotten entertainment channel. i read quite a lot, but i don't think my taste is, uhm, appreciated by the literate elite to put it gently :)

    thrillers or sci-fi. asimov naturally. just about anything. i robot is a classic, and the foundation series also. arthur c. clarke, especially the 2001-2061-3001 and paradise series. the dune series by frank herbert. there are so many... of newer authors david weber and his "on basilisk station" and "apocalypse troll". if you like sci-fi, these are great reads.

    on the lighter side, you got douglas adams and his hitchikers guide to the universe trilogy in five parts...

    as for thrillers, it's gotta be kept "real". so (don't laugh) i've got all of tom clancy's books, and most of frederick forsyth, larry bond, jack higgins and alastair maclean.

    i don't like fantasy, but i have read lord of the rings (and the hobbit) several times. a masterpiece. all other fantasy books would pale in comparison, so i haven't bothered reading any. it really is that a definitive work in a genre.

    and i read a few norwegian authors, but you wouldn't know them :)

    apart from that my bookshelves are filled with various computer books. from the flash, javascript and java bibles, to several volumes on relational databases and object oriented programming and stuff. very, very dry. some ww2 history and hardware. political science and religious history, and a hellofalot of comicsbooks and magazines.

    geek, me, nah :D

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