favorite artist/band when your lit up!?!?

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    Genres work too!

    I know everyone has an artist or genre that really speaks to them when they are under the influence of some gonja! Whether its raggae, blues, metal, classic rock etc. Music goes hand in hand with marijuana!

    Personally I was raised on classic rock and 80's thrash and kinda grew to love death metal after being in a few bands in high school. I find technical death metal absolutely mind blowing while I'm stoned, tech death and progressive death metal really get me going, even though 75 percent of my friends HATE IT! It's so much fun to see live though and I really love the energy behind it, but that's just my personal opinion. Let me know what style of music you like, I love checking out new artists that I haven't heard, and I love all genres so let's hear 'em!

    My choice is the band Death, really big through the 90's up until their frontmans death, inspiring and deep music with a lot of emotion.

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