Favorite alcoholic drink?

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  1. So my friends 21st is coming up and Im not a drinker. I need some suggestions on beer, and one or two bottles of liquor. Something that would go down easy for her. As for the beer, I dont want to bring something cheap and nasty. What are your favorites?
  2. I'd go with Samuel Adams, Becks, and good ol' Coronas. I still have to try out some other beers however, like Guinness and stuff. I heard that one was great too.
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    I'm a grey goose kind of girl... you should find out if she prefers vodka, rum, whiskey...

    I don't know beers. I hate them all. :p

    You should make long island iced teas, they do the trick and they're tasty.
  4. For beer all you should ever be drinking is Corona :D
  5. I don't drink beer but I like Blue Moon w/ an orange, Magic Hat or Fat Tire
  6. Shes not a drinker either so she has no favorite. I may try that long island ice tea
  7. Margarita's ftw. :D
  8. yea L.I.T's are the shit

    or you can go the goose & juice route which is good too..
  9. I'm not a beer drinker....I like my Jack, but if your friend is not really a drinker, you need to get something real yummy for her....I would suggest Margaritas or Tequila Rose....Tequila Rose is awesome! It's sweet and creamy and it will definitely get a buzz going....tastes kinda like them cream lifesaver candys....strawberry cream...YUM! You really can't even tell there's alcohol in it by the flavor, but it will knock you on your butt!
  10. uh....if she's not a drinker, I wouldn't suggest Long Island Iced Tea...it's a good drink, but for someone who don't drink much, she may end up hugging the toilet...one drink has like five different liquors in it....vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec and coke....not good to mix that much if you ain't a drinker ;)
  11. haha yeah, you don't wanna be feeding a 1st timer LIT's especially if they aren't made properly.. she'll be puking all over the place.

    set her up w/ some vodka or rum and fruit juice.. you can't go wrong there man.
  12. Rye(whiskey) and ginger with a lime. You can sub the ginger ale for coke if you're not a fan. As for the beer, if you're in Canada I would go for a rickard product. State side, I would go with Sam Adams, or a local honey brew.

  13. lol....not to mention the hangover in the morning....aye aye aye!

    Vodka and orange juice is good...screwdrivers...bet they'd be even better with Sunny Delite
  14. Bud Ice for beer,

    Hennessy n red bull for liquor.

    Or Bacardi Lemon with sprite/7up, whatever.
  15. I had a drink called he Hulk. It was Hennessy and Hypnotic. Whats the ratios on that? 50/50?
  16. I believe so.
  17. if shes a light a drinker a bottle of hypno by it self would be a good choice, its fruity and not too strong

    but yea that is the hulk combo
  18. Im thinking ill get her Hypnotic. Seems like its a drink she'll like. What are some other combos with that?

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