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    Just up to hear what the blades and bladies prefer. Do inform us why and their best performance if you wish..

    I'll go first.
    Al Pacino and Robert De Niro... Awesome actors and roberts role in godfather was mindblowing. The only thing better than that is Will Ferrell with a mustache :smoke:
  2. Patrick Swayze.
  3. Johnny depp or bruce lee
  4. Clint Eastwood
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    Favorite actor has to be Mickey Rourke
    Actress Anne Hathaway (because she's so god damn gorgeous it hurts looking at her)

  6. Oh man, i had a hard time choosing between Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. I would say im more impressed by Johnnys ability and talent to act, but in the end Al plays his roles with so deep intensity IMO
  7. My favorite actor is Tom Cruize. He is one of the best actor in hollywood. His acting is superb. He can do stunt very well. He is good in nature. His films are also gone hit. I like his action scenes. He can do role in any movies.like action,romance,drama.
  8. I'm a big fan of Audrey Hepurn :) and I like all her movies
  9. Edward Norton!
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  10. Oh and Olga Kurylenko!

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  11. pesci, deniro, depp
  12. Leonardo di Caprio. Pretty funny because I absolutely hated him in Titanic when I was young, but after I saw the Aviator I was like, "This is the greatest actor of our generation".

    I also like Ken Watanabe. He was great in the Last Samurai.
  13. adam sandler?
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception was insane, the aviator was dope, and catch me if you can was sickkkkkkkk
  15. Jack Nicholson.
  16. Jack Nicholson now or 1974?
  17. Paul Newman or Humphrey Bogart
  18. Tim Roth
    Robert Englund
  19. Too many to name but here are 2 I think are great.

    Male: Tom hanks

    Female: Kathy bates

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