favorit musical stoner.

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  1. just wondering who everyone's favorite stoner music artist is. doesnt have to mention it in music, just someone steeped in psychadelic culture or who has publicly stated their love of cannabis. i have too many stoner idols in all mediums too even come close to narrowing it down. just interested in who you guys dig.
  2. The Dirtball:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1upFWeyrPOI]YouTube - The Dirtball "Mushroom Cloud"[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nrU09Aljfs]YouTube - The Dirtball - Crook County: Moonshine Rhyme[/ame]
  3. Roger waters, david gilmour, syd barrett, richard wright, nick mason hands down
  4. Em, Bob Dylan anyone? He's the best musical genius of the last 50 odd years and he smokes weed all the time. Oh and he happens to be insanely fuckin cool and apt at many tasks outside of groundbreaking songwriting. Bingo.

  5. i've never gotten that. i mean he's a genuis as far as lyrically. but im sorry, the man couldnt sing to save his life. johny cash and beck rock the folk voice but even bob's fiercest supporters could not claim the man is a great singer. he's a good musician, but not anything mindblowing. dont get me wrong i love dylan as a songwriter and maker of melodies, but the man is vastly overrated.

  6. I never fucking get this. How can folk not like Bob Dylan's voice. Alright, so after the 60's most of the time his voice has been shit. But have you heard Freewheelin', Another Side, bringin it all back home, Highway 61, blonde on blonde and blood on the tracks? all his vocal performances, on top of his songwriting, are great. how can you hear like a rolling stone and not realise the power behind the man, and his voice. Bob Dylan has one of the most versatile and original vocal styles of anyone, and how he doesnt get credit for it from more people i dont know. He doesnt typify the 'great' singer, as in he doesnt fit the mould of smooth, fluent tones, but his vocals are so on point and geared to all his songs perfectly. He adjusts his voice to fit heartfelt anger, sorrow and many other things into his albums, all things im sure hes experienced (well obviously). but ye, dylans vocal style is very unusual, but its so good, its so effective, and his songs are so great that i dont see how you can fault the guy.

    EDIT: so go suck a dick, hehe:p(i get very touch on this subject)
  7. I would honestly have to say Kottonmouth kings, just because of the variety in their music. They have some good beats, and some good songs to just sit down and chill.
  8. dylan fans always get like this. (sigh) he is a genuis. i didnt deny that. he introduced the Beatles to bud. the musical world owes him a huge debt. but he sings like he just walked out of a bad dust storm. im sorry, it's true, he has like a two octave voice. how can anyone call him a great vocalist? all im saying. blood on the tracks is one of my fav albums.
  9. he doesnt hve a two octave voice. if you had heard his first album, or indeed his album another side of bob dylan, you would know that he has used flasetto. He also completely changed his vocals for Nashville Skyline in order to create a country swoon. So ye. Basically the reason you can call him a great vocalist is because he executes the best written songs perfectly in the moment...in those early albums.

    EDIT: falsetto
  10. ok man, that's fine. personally i think he's overrated. you dont. we agree to disagree. surely we agree on the greatness of Cash?
  11. cypress hill is the best.
  12. Syd Barrett for sure. His work with Pink Floyd is amazing but I also think his solo work is greatly unappreciated which just blows me away.
    Shine On Syd.
  13. Dave Matthews. love the music. anytime i nee a pickmeup i put on some DMB and chill
  14. haha tenacious d? i know they may seem like just a comedy band but the blend of hilarious lyrics and amazing music is the best when your fried :smoke:
  15. dimebag darrell
  16. I-Kong, he is a Chinese-Jamaican Rastaman in his 60's who was the founding member of The Jamaicans and is related to the famous Jamaican producer Leslie Kong. He is a reggae artist:


  17. ye, we certainly do agree on the greatness of cash. im waking and baking to him this mornin. I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

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