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faveriot movies/music videos?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 18, 2010.

  1. just wondering what everyones faveriout music videos and movies are to watch when high

    just have been getting bored with the stuff i watch an lisn to i need some new stuff:smoke:

    my top 5 movies high would have to be

    1.Zombieland altho i love it when i am not smoking aswell
    2. dance of the dead (not sure where you can find it tho)
    3. superbad
    4. halfbaked
    5. puff puff pass
    hope some of you havnt seen some of these so you can enjoy them high as much as i do :)
    top music videos
    1 twiztid: afraid of me offical music video it is just plain trippy and makes so much scense
    and cant think of any more right now

    top 5 songs would have to be
    1 twiztid darkness
    2 twiztid feel this
    3 dark lotus i wanna die
    4 dark lotus pass the axe
    5 icp what is a juggalo
    6 dust to dust new low
    7 lynrd skynrd free bird
    8 kmk proud to be a stoner
    9 kmk rest of my life
    10 twiztid so high
    11 twiztid bagz
    12 twiztid hydro
    13 kmk tangerine sky
    14 twiztid hom sha bom (only when eyes are closed and mind is let free to wonder)
    15 dope my funeral

    hope my lists will help some of you find new stuff to enjoy while high:) but i am lookin for some new stuff :smoking:
  2. music video would definately be galvanize by the chemical brothers
    story of my childhood
  3. thanks man hafta check it out next time i get some bud =]

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