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Fave substance after Ganja

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. i'm sure that cannabis is everyones favorite little plant on the planet, but what about the others?
  2. !

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  3. ^^^thats a frog;)

    i chose shroomy shroom shroomz

    followed by lambic, a belgum beer
  4. i wish i had put in tree toads now... maybe that will have to go under the shamanic halucinogens... and maybe thats where LSD will have to go too. oh theres so many things not there.

    10 options just aint enough.

    50 would be bout right for a max limit.
  5. COFFEE!!! I can't live without honerable mention goes to nicotine
  6. I couldnt have said it better myself. nothing to break couchlock like a hot black-ass cup of coffee!
  7. i'd say the second would be alcohol and the third shrooms. the 3 best drugs in life. pot, beer, and shrooms. the good life


  8. my thoughts exactly!
    soooo i couldnt post em!
    be cool to have coffee with ya :)

  9. i am with you too supafly
  10. If I had to choose one of those, and it appears that I had to, then I guess I'd go with valium or something of the sort.

    I don't do the coffee and nicotine thing and if it were football season, then I'd say BEER but it's not.

    I'm glad you didn't die HB.

    Sensimil, thanks for the poisonous dart frog pic. I like that one. I use to breed Mantella's which are the closest you can get to colorful tiny frogs without them being poisonous.
  11. yay my first ever reply to a poll by the poll masta himself, damn nicotine, 3 is too much !
  12. shrooms and opium are my favorite besides alcohol so far and i use all in moderation (well, shrooms and opium are hard to come buy, and i dont drink too much)

  13. do you still have access to mantellas?
  14. I don't have any Mantella's now although I have a friend who does. It got to be too much. When you have over 20 tanks with different amphibians and reptiles, you get overwhelmed. I love them though. They come in so many different colors and when they breed it sounds like heaven.
  15. its a toss-up between dex and shrooms..

    ..but without coffee id never get anything done ;)

  16. reptiles and amphibians are some of the coolest, i have spent countless hours watching and listening to them. mantellas are some of my favs, i have only seen pics though. i have always wanted one.
  17. The only two things on there I like are shrooms and tea, Shrooms are a lot more fun than tea any day though..
  18. i would hafta say alchohol even thou7ght i dont do much of either ... i mainly stick to weed ... although i might be trying some mush soon...
  19. I'd have to say alchohol, its not too bad, but weed r0x0rs :D
  20. I have to say opiates. I've never tried alot of the other ones basicly because I have never had the opportunity except for alcohol,nicotine,and caffeine. By opiates I mean pills-I've never tried like heroin or anything really strong or injectable(scary). Oh yeah, I did try crank once but I didn't like it-I want to be able to calm down when I want to and go to sleep. I have done the pill kind of stimulants which are fine-you never know what they might be cutting with that crank stuff. I would really like to try the shrooms though! What are they like compared to weed?

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