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Fave strain for sleep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ausgal, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. As I’m in Oz, can only get whatever is available....but tell me what’s your fave sleepy strain?

    This week, I’ve got some Pineapple Kush, which is nice for sitting chilling and watching a movie, but not quite enough to send me to the land of nod. I’m trying to ditch sleep meds, as they are becoming increasingly hard to get prescribed here. Oh the irony! (Govt tightens up on benzos, so I go away from ‘regulated’ medication).

    It would be magic to go able to walk into a dispensary and get quality stuff to suit my needs. Sadly, it’s a long way off here. One day, I will grow my own, once I know what suits my needs.

    I think in a few weeks, I can get some 9 pound hammer and afghan. Any other suggestions? Some local strain info would be helpful, as I don’t think we have the same range as in US?
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  2. So far for me, Kosher Kush seems to be the best bed time strain and even then it can be hit or miss. Some strains although relaxing give me too much of a body buzz which keeps me up. Mendo breath does this.
  3. Yes, I had some edibles infused with RSO that had me unable to leave the couch, but as soon as I shut my eyes, got too many pretty visuals to sleep straight away. LOL

    I also get body twitches, which are amusing, but not great when trying to sleep!
  4. Edible will do that. First time I tried mj, it was an indica tea shot. I probably should have only drank half or third of the bottle. I had visuals and hearing strange sounds that kept me up. That put off edibles for a while. I recently tried a cannabis-infused ginger ale. I took only an oz, which was 8 mg of thc. While it did give me some visuals, it allowed me to sleep fairly quickly.
  5. afghani #1 comes to mind as a super potent bedtime indica. It is in a class above all others IMHO. Be careful smoking this when it isn't bedtime as it will make you have an obvious stoned stupid appearance. :D
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  6. I take RSO daily. Three one gram doses. I can make it through the morning dose, but I need a nap 50% of the time with dose 2 and dose 3 usually lasts all night, unless I forget (like tonight)
  7. Any kind of heavy indica works for me, especially purps. I like Grape Ape, Purple Punch and Blueberry Silvertip for sleep
  8. This would've been back in the pre-dispensary (for me, anyway) days of 2013, I bought a quarter of some herb from my then-dealer, who told me it was Chocolate Thai. I've yet to see any more or try it again now that the shops are open to see if the name was anywhere near correct, but that shit that I got that day put me solidly down for the count in 2-3 hits minimum, every time. I have never had a dried herb or concentrate since then that has accomplished that so effortlessly, but I'd love to find some again. I remember having another quarter of another strain that I don't recall at the same time, and trying to mostly smoke off that bag so I could save the Thai for right before bed, or if my back was hurting, or a headache, etc. There's a couple phenotypes of Blueberry Kush that I've had over the years that are great for sleep as well. I'd also keep an eye out for Purple Mr. Nice Guy and Lavender. Both are always boss for sleep. Good luck blade!

  9. Gods gift, purple Hindu Kush, blueberry, GDP

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