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Discussion in 'General' started by Neo of WNEC, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Well, mine is definately the one where Homer gets attacked by crows, and he gets Medical Marijuana.

    But I also enjoy most of the other ones.
  2. Thats definitely my favorite too!
  3. havent seen it, is there anywhere i can get it besides kazaa or something? how old is that one?
  4. Its from season 13 episode 16.

    Not too old.

    Oh so very classic.

    I have a copy that's 160MB large. I don't think you're violating laws if you record a copy of it off of TV, which is all I have. I don't know if it'd be legal for me to distribute it though.

    I suppose you could try KaZaA, though our good friends with the government have been overly protective of their multi-million dollar friends.

    This is why Linux will eventually destory windows... open source. Free software, etc.
  5. gotta love linux. I need to reinstall after I crashed it (my own stupid fault)

    Do you know what the name of that episode was. Kazaa has several season 13 episodes, but they have the episode names, not numbers.
  6. My copy is listed only with a few letters... so

    Simpsons Season13 Ep16 Weekend A

    I hope that's enough to find it.
  7. By the way, the best line is about 11:55 seconds into the episode (no commercials) when Homer walks into the house after getting promoted and he says:

    "::gasp:: WE HAVE A KITCHEN!?"
  8. This past month they had a thing where you could vote for your favorite ones and they would show them at 11pm... I tried going to the site they gave and couldn't find where to vote... and they NEVER aired the marijuana one. I was pissed. How could you not love that one!?
  9. That episode is called "Weekend At Burnsies". Pretty good for S13, but not my favorite.

    I can't decide on one favorite, but some of them are, in no particular order:

    "Homie The Clown", S6
    "Lemon Of Troy", S6
    "Homer vs. The 18th Amendment", S8
    "Homer Loves Flanders", S5

    Ah, the classic seasons...

    I'm a pretty big Simpsons fan, my main online chill-forum is www.nohomers.net.
  10. Yeah, Lemon of Troy is good...
  11. Yeah! Homer the hippy!

    I wish they would bring back some more hippy/weed related stuff!
  12. thanks that helped. the episode title is weekend at burnsie's
  13. i like the "Tomacco" one.........lol

    and the one with the trampoline.......lmao........gotta love the simpsons.......Peace out............Sid
  14. Funniest Scene .. EVER:

    When Homer gives the fake can of nuts to Lenny and it gets tuck in his eye. Moe tells him to get lost but an offering of nuts changes his mind.

    "Here, Moe. Have some nuts."
    "Aw geez, thanks Homer."
    "Don't pull! Don't pull!"
  15. or when apu shows homer the secret door... it's part of the freezer in the beer section that says "Non-Alcoholic Beer" and if you open it it leads you to a garden on the roof with hippies.hehe that cracks me up
  16. Homer the hippie and the one about medicinal marijuana is funny. I love in the one about marijuana where they are at the phish concert and trey smells weed and they all stop playing and are all agaisnt it. I have both of those episodes and if noone can find them on kazaa or beashare im me scotydog826 and i can send the files over aim.

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