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Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. hey all, any of you play online games? here are the ones ive played in the past, although i dont really play much online games anymore.

    it all started with Starcraft. this game is sooo much fun, well it was back in the day anyway. i had to buy three copies cuz every time i would lose to a friend, i ended up ?somehow? breaking my disc -_- i actually dusted it off today and played a game, still got my magic :D

    then came unreal tournament, didnt get heavy into this online but i beat it. id rather play at a LAN party with some close friends.

    Diablo 2, expansion- never played a game like i played this before. i used to play this game religiously. over 60 hours in one week. and thats in between school, work, and sleep! took this game too seriously, lost a couple friends to this game. fighting about stupid items and whatnot. even lost a girlfriend to this game because i liked it more than i liked her! quit playing when all the hacks got out of control.

    ragnarok online- i played a demo, for about 10 minutes, and it completely sucked ass.

    unreal 2k3- i have an unlegit copy so i cant play online. but i still play at lan parties. good fun, only prob is that my computer doesnt run it as smoothly as id like it to :(

    well thats about all i can think of.. post what you play online!
  2. Used to play Q2 and Q3 online. Used to also play Diablo. I hate paying for games so I never bought diablo 2 (I actually never bought Diablo). I used to play Age of Empires online. I got to play Warcraft 3 at a friend's house and if I owned a copy I'm sure I'd play it online. I don't really do much online gaming anymore.
  3. WC3 rocks, i just dont have a legit copy so i cant play on Bnet
  4. My friend made me a copy of WC3 and it installed, but when I try to play it won't recognize the cd as a valid cd. We used Nero which is supposed to be able to make exact copies and not trip most programs' anti-copy software, but the game still doesn't work :( Do you know where I could at least find a copy online so I could play by myself?
  5. i have a thing where you dont even need to have the CD in the computer to play, its pretty cool, especially for playing on LAN. not sure where to get the game online, but if you have it installed but it just wont recognize the CD, ill send you the thing so you dont even need a CD.
  6. I used to be addicted to Quake 2 cap the flag...
    It had a grappling hook, which was just too damn fun...
  7. i play counter-strike and day of defeat. i also play diablo 2 a little.
  8. I play Diablo alot too. Your right about the stupid hacks and stuff.
  9. I play D2 and StarCraft all the time.
  10. if i play any games online, i play on pogo, usually pool, euchre or checkers
  11. hey stylez, wanna play some starcraft later tonight or somethin? i dont play brood war, just good ole SC
  12. Diablo 2
    Lord of destruction.

    I play on US East to be with my bro and sis-in-law
  13. I played D2 LOD religiously.... oh man that game was bad for me.... I also beta tested both earth and beyond and eve online... both were cool mmorpg's.... I also play wc3 all the time but i lost my cd key and i had to do a hard drive wipe so i have a cd with no key... starcraft also kicks ass... and all the red alerts....
  14. If I had a faster connection I'd play counterstrike, I used to play civilization 2 and I would play civ 3 if my cd worked, I actually bought the game and it won't work, piece of crap
  15. i used to play a 2d shooter called infantry, now i play xbl games mostly, mechassault, rtcw, midtown madness 3, sof 2, unreal championship.
  16. I play Age of Empires 2 w/ my friend online, then i play the demo of UT03, diablo 2, madden 03 (even though it sucks), Rise of Nations, Battlefield 1942 i play like crazy best mmrpg ever.
    I would play c&c generals online but that game sucks, so i stick w/ Red Alert 2.
  17. me and my friends play cs almost to the point of an art where ive seen him get headshots with a scope rifle with no reticule on its nuts how much this guy has taught me about this very simple game its actually very stratigic so i love it :D
  18. Natural Selection

  19. EverQuest best game ever .. ine one of the top 5 guilds on my server.. i play it religously

    Gludaru 65 ranger
    Tholuxe paells =p
  20. I used to play Unreal Tournament every day when I was on the dorm's T1 LAN. Facing Worlds CTF, low-grav, insta-gib... it doesn't get any better than that.

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