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  1. Hi all! Recently read about backbuilding technique for denser and fatter buds. Has any of you tried it? Is it worth? Also i would be happy to know any other training methods
  2. Backbuilding is risky and can certainly make your bud more susceptible to Botrytis cinerea. Use more light or pick a variety known for larger dense bud if that's what you're looking for. If you try backbuilding be sure your humidity and air exchange are perfectly controlled.

    Regarding other training methods:
    I mainline my plants to open up the canopy and remove all bud below 14" from the plants top. Below 14" I find the bud gets smaller and takes away from developing larger bud up top. Mainlining also makes IPM easier and increases air flow through the plant. It also makes plants easier and faster to trim.
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  3. I'm prone to mold most of the year and go the opposite and extend my internodes(not overly stretched)
    by using the warm white light or hps early during veg
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    Indoor sativa in Hydroponics the buds get so heavy they bend over, Loli pop training technic .
    Now I use a 3 tier trellis netting racks.
    pics of first trying these racks
    Now I am putting the plants in their racks 4th to 5th week of veg 20190922_144010.jpg 20191029_131818 (1).jpg
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