Fav. Pornstar?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by .AcidTrip., Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Liz Vicious

  2. Yeah she is hot, the whole goth thing with that innocent look on her face.
  3. man...i need to get back into this shit...lolz

    i miss the money:(
  4. im gonna have to go with julia bonds...
  5. Old school: Lisa DeLeau, Vanessa Del Rio (got a hug from her!) Annie Sprinkle, Candy Samples, Chessie Moore, Heather Lee, Seka, Trinity Loren, Kitten Natavidad.

    I love the milf chicks that we are seeing more of and any girl who can squirt, Cytheria or Flower Tucci.

    I really love the amateur women that post on sites like newbienudes and Aldutism and xtube. Love them real wife types!
  6. ^what he said
  7. wow 1 person says Cody Lane... Thats sad...
  8. myself, yeah ive been in a porn.
  9. not mine i just looked her up...

    but why so sad?

    still hot
  10. raven riley hands down.....

    then up? then down?
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    Not a bad choice.
    Great thread btw.
    In order my top 3

    Charlotte Stokely

    Amber Peach
    Alex Devine
    Alex didnt have a photo I could post without breaking the rules.
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  12. Dude, + rep.

    I love Charlotte Stokely.
  13. Kaylee Sanchez & Lisa Sparxxx
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  14. Can we make it mandatory to post a picture with every woman you name??? I don't know most of these girls!
    But definitely Raven Riley
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  15. Bettie Page of course!
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  16. [​IMG]
    Rachel Rotten


    Bridgette Kerkove
  17. Awesome choice anony
  18. This man speaks the truth :hello:

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