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Fav Kind Of Weed???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, May 11, 2003.

  1. There are TONS and i mean TONS of differnt strains of weed out there... even heard of weed thats somehow grown with Peyeote.... fuckin nuts.... but out of the types of weed you've SMOKED, not seen or heard of, smoked... what is your fav? And i dont mean schwagg, or middi's or nuggets, unless thats all you've smoked...

    my fav would have to be Panama Red.... really heavy high, sort of like a Middi high, but alot more intense. Don't usually like heavy highs, but this one isnt to couchy high like.
  2. gooey purple cylinder nug. Better than Jerry Perry and Northern Lights combined. I smelld this stuff and I got a buzz of it.

    Best high of my life, just after 3 hits
  3. Usually around here were not informed of the strain or anything, its either good decent or bad bud, but one time we did get ahold of some White Rhino and a small bowl between me and 2 other veteran smokers got us all pretty fucked up, so I could imagine smoking a bowl of that out of my bong to the dome, sheesh
  4. whit rhino is sick!
  5. had some perdy good outdoor Durban last fall, real fresh bud. wouldn't wanna have to smoke that strain exclusively though. too dam "up", hehe.
  6. Shishkeberry [​IMG]
  7. i got this kush called OG kush once and it was sick. i also got this cronic called juicyfruit that really fucked w/ ur senses, i loved it
  8. Mekong Haze -100% Pure Sativa sum good ass shit takes u 2 Cloud 9 :) really tripppy stuff but really rare, hopefully try it again sumtime.

  9. have you ever smoked it... or do ya just like the name/pic? jw....
  10. I have my top 3..

    Northern Lights x Jack Herer
    NYC Desiel
    AK47 x White Widow Crystal+
  11. i have some juicyfruit right now =D that shit just smells nice.... fruity lol. kinda like tea too. not stanky at all hehe
  12. too many good types of weed out there to name.......long as its some shit that looks like its from high times im happy, there comes a point where weed is so bomb its almost impossible to even tell the difference cause you just get so high offa it its hard to tell which one got you higher.
  13. i'm torn between bubblegum and purple haze.... ohhh.... if i had to choose... .... .... .... uhh....


    purple haze.

  14. Yeah, once about 2 months ago....only a bowl pack, but it was the best tasting weed I've ever had
  15. "Thai sticks".
    Back in the late 70's and early 80's we used to get some killer weed from Thailand out here in Calif. Choice Asian nuggets were picked fresh, and then tightly wound onto straight sections of stem, using strands of hemp fiber. The end result after drying, was about an eighth oz. of some kickass herb, in a clever little "stick" that was about as big around as your thumb, and almost as long as a pencil. For around $20 to $30 each, these babies WERE the bomb, and definately delivered more bang for your buck!
    But it doesn't stop there - for an extra ten to fifteen bucks we used to get what were called "Buddah Sticks", which was basically the same thing, only these puppies were laced with opium..... Whoooooeeeee!!!.
    Definately not recommended for those who plan to engage in physical activity while high, but if you've got a few hours to spare, and don't mind lying around absolutely motionless,
    while contemplating the patterns in the acoustic tile ceiling....

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