fav kind of bong

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  1. ive got my personel fav's, whats yours????
  2. Straight beaker 2+ feet and percolated with an A/C
  3. The loaded kind.
  4. haha beat me to it, +rep
  5. Foot-long tube with at least 5.0 thickness, ice notches, and of course it needs to be glass on glass with an ashcatcher
  6. My 18" Straight roor is the best bong I have ever hit, so its definetly my favorite.
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    i like a blunt or a big fat cone but my double barrel bong is gettin me stoned home skillet, theres water inside dont spill it, it smells shit on the carpet, still it gets goes down smooth when i get a clean hit of the skunky, funky, smelly green shit. sing my song puff all night long, as i take hits from the bong.. lets smoke that bowwl, hit the bong and then take ya finger off a dat' hole, plug it, unplug it, dont straain: ILOVEYOUMARYJANE. she dont complain when i hit mary w/ dat flame i light up the cherry.. shes so good to me when i pack a fresh bowl i clean the screen dont get me stirred up through the bub-bling water is makin it pure so i gotta take my hit and hollld it, just like chong, i hit the bowl and i re-load it, get my FOUR FOOTA and bring it onnnn...
  8. IHALE............., EXHALE......, JUST GOT AN OUNCE IN DA MAILLLLL :rolleyes:

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