fav indi movies??

Discussion in 'General' started by shots, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. i was just wondering because i'm really into independent and lesser known movies. what are your favorite independent movies?? or movies that are lesser known. like...waking life or stuff like that.

  2. Would Boondock Saints count? It's not too well known. Dope movie.
  3. Super Troopers was an independent until Fox bought it at Sundance, so I'll go with that.
  4. err what was i going to post.

    Ah yeah. Wasnt Snatch an independant? I liked that one.
  5. I'm pretty sure memento was independent for a while. great flick.

  6. what was that movie about? i have seen it in video shops but i never picked it up to seet he plot.

  7. Lol never seen it but i know what youre talking about.
  8. yo snatch and boondock are my fav movies eve man. that, pulp fiction and reservoir dogs but the last 2 aren't indis.
  9. Boondock Saints is the shit so are Pulp and Resevoir but theyre no indy flicks theyre the big shit, I wouldnt even say Boondocks is an indy film

  10. Yeah, thats a sick movie. I haven't watched it in forever, even though its just chilling in my room all day.
  11. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    great movies.
  12. Waking Life
  13. requiem for a dream. that's a good one
  14. Yeah... Lock, Stock, and 2 smoking barrels is awesome.

    A Clockwork Orange is always interesting to watch
  15. clerks! yes! donnie darko is prolly my fav though i wouldn't say its indie. boondock saints is tip top too. requiem is awesome too. and clockwork is jsut classic...im gonna stop now
  16. if you liked "American History X" watch "The Believer". about a Neo-NAZI who is jewish....good flick, won some film festival awards

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