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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. What are some of everyones fav food when messed up on whatever, when im drunk i like a salty chip, tostitos do well. and when im high i like a good drink of course, sierra mist or MD oh and pizza to eat, mmmm pizza, and how can u go with out some taco bell, thats a good meal right there. please speak up with what u enjoy to eat.
  2. hmm..my fav food when im stoned is pizza/taco bell ooo and chocolate frostys from wenndys! they are the shit!! they taste soooooo good...try one when ur stoned..there good when ur not high too butt there better high
  3. mmm...i love to eat cookies when i get the munchies...but taco bell is the shit if i'm in the mood for food...and you gotta have something to drink to fight the cottons...like cherry coke...mmmm...yummy :p
  4. oh man i totally forgot about wendys, damn how could i do that, there 99cent stuff is amazing and cheap.
  5. try dipping fries in your frosty. It sounds weird, but it's a culinary delight.

  6. omg sooooo delish!!!

    and besides that.... nachos.... beer beer beer beer beer..... sour candy.... grilled chicked cesar salads.... bacon egg and cheese with hash brown salp pepper and ketchup sandwiches...and usually anything in a wrap esp chicken salad with hot sauce and bacon try it an you'll fall in love.... buffalo wings...ribs... haha.. omg... your giving me to many good ideas of shit to eat today...

    and have you had the inside out resse's?

    foooood is soooooooooo evily good.... :D especially after blazing a nice bluunt

  7. hell yea it is!!!! i always do it....

    Wendys And McDonalds have the ultimate munchie menu...w/all that 1$ stuff ...

  8. Keyword: almost....
  9. I love fried zucchini from Carl's Jr. I eat that almost everyday... French fry from Rallys are really good too, but my fav food when im stoned a Carneasada burrito w/ extra cheese & sour cream & guaccamoli from Alberto's....... Pour some tabasco on that sucker and you got the best burrito ever made!

  10. Agreed, sounds terrible but so good!!
  11. i ate a whole box of saltines once when i was high...was pretty good (you need A LOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! of soda, or water or whatever drink...lol) pizza is ALWAYS good....cant go wrong with hostess...twinkies, those cupcake thingies with the stuf fin the middle...pop tarts is always good, ...damn! i just mdae myself more hungriers!...bye!
  12. After i a nite of Drinking A chessburger hits the spot......

    When Stoned off my ass i cant resists some PIZZA ROLLS!!!!
  13. drrrrrum stiiickkkss!! the BEST food when your high. The ice cream has you covered with dry mouth, AND munchies :) plus, they juse taste so goddamn good, i just finnished one.. mmmm
  14. Philly cheese steaks, Double bacon cheeseburgers, pizza from nyc and from within 30 min away from nyc.
  15. When your fried and in the mood for some food, goto Mc'ds and get an oreo Mcflurry and a baked apple pie or two. Then eat like a quarter of the mcflurry and stuff the apple pies in there and crush em up and its like the best thing ever.

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