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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by supafly, Dec 9, 2002.

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  1. for those of you who do drink let me know, what is your favorite type of beer. i gotta have some icehouse, miller or coors. everybody respond and let me know. peace
  2. icehouse all the way then red hook. then i like some jack daniels and my fav weed
  3. ICEHOUSE or BUD has never let me down either way after a shot or two of some 151 it all taste the same
  4. Amberbock is the best

    you icon stealin son of a bitch.... nah ya shroom its all good
  5. sorry man, its a killer icon though, the best one by far.
  6. either budlight now, but ill always love St. Pauly Girl, the beer i first started getting drunk on...
  7. I\'ve got to go with the Guinness Irish Stout. If ya want a real treat, make a carbomb.

    1 Pint glas 3/4 full of Guinness.

    1 shot glass

    1/2 shot of Jameson\'s irish whiskey

    1/2 shot of Baily\'s

    Drop the shot glass in the Guinness, chug and enjoy. Tastes just like chocolate milk to me. Yummy!!
  8. Hoegaarden...from Belgium....or for St Pats day try a green monster...it will blow you\'re head off...

    1 pint glass half full of cider
    1/4 pint of lager
    1 shot of vodka
    1 shot midouri
    1 shot grenadine
    1 shot tequila

    see how many of them you can handle...lol

    also i love porter, but it\'s hard to get on draught in Scotland....Peace out....Sid

  9. its all good

  10. Damn Sid!! Now that\'s a drink. Sounds great!!

    *Drooling in an alcoholic stupor*
  11. yeah i\'m lucky i got them to write down the ingredients.....after a couple i forgot where i was, never mind what was in it.....lol...Peace out...Sid
  12. Longtrail ale or magik hat. If you are looking for something really good, try jack daniel\'s hard cola. Its so good.
  13. I would hyave to say bud light and for hard stuff Belvidere Vodka.

    1 can of red bull+1shot of vodka=fo shizzle u gettin nizzel
  14. My favortie beer is Corona Extra.
  15. Samuel Adams Light. Sweeeet nectar of life !!

  16. anyone ever drink Flying fish? mmmmm. Im hooked on that, in a draft, it tops my list..

    I just enjoyed Dead Guy Ale, oregon brew!! my brother sent it, hes loving the oregon alcohol. very nice beer
  17. FORTIES are nasty... they dont agree with anything in your stomach. Embarresing... hell yah... Drunk for cheap...hell yah!!

    Anyone drink any Canadian beers? Well living in Canada, thats all the beer i really drink. Rickards Red, Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian, Moosehead...

    Hard Liquor: Tequilla. Enough Said.
  18. sierra nevada. definitely!
  19. bigfoot barleywine that stuff is the shit
  20. Gotta be BUDwieser beer,or busch beer. it\'s great for the cottons :D
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