Fav bands?

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  1. I'm sure there wasa thread for this but I couldn't find it =c

    Neway I didnt look long, cuz im high =p

    Whats your fav bands or type of music?

    Mine ranges from hardcore metal,metalcore,hard rock to lighter older music

    Disturbed, Avenged X 7 , Vanna, HIM, FFDP, We are the Fallen, to Sublime, Nirvana, Beatles, Bob Marley
  2. At the Drive-In, Beatles, Spiritualized, Vampire hands are just some of my favorites
  3. Dance Gavin Dance is by far my favorite band. Asking Alexandria, Attila, Emarosa, Kings Of Leon, Love Drug, Attack Attack!, The Devil Wears Prada, Dashboard Confessional so many more. I love all types of rock and a little bit of everything else.
  4. Our Lady Peace
    Guns N' Roses
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Alice in Chains
    Rage Against the Machine
    Dream Theater
    Neil Young
    Skid Row
  5. The mars volta, red hot chili peppers, nirvana, 311, sublime, minus the bear, incubus.. to name a few.
  6. Rush

  7. Boston, Led Zeppelin, Liquid Tension Experiment, Van Halen, Slightly Stoopid, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Steve Miller Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Current Swell, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, etc.

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