Faux News: Oil and Silencing The Real Problem

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    With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production - FoxNews.com

    So this is just a bullshit article trying to distract the general public from the real issues concerning how shitty the dollar is-Case in point; Federal Reserve.

    As soon as I started making points about the federal reserve being the REAL problem at the pump (20 years ago there was conflict in big oil producing countries-Yet we were not getting raped at the pump), I was silenced by a moderator.

    Another issue in the comments was food stamps, unemployment etc.

    This is from the brilliant minds of the frequents there:

    In response to a perfectly good argument:

    Fuck Faux news and their brainwashed constituents.

    Edit: Found this on the same site; They twist the word in a sickening way:

  2. Yep, keep an eye on the comment section: You'll notice the mods flagging any and all productive arguments.

    Anything that DOESN'T bash the immediate president is flagable material

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