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  1. hello everyone!

    i have a grow op im about a month and a half and my children are starting to grow up.
    im using all foxfarms on the schedule stretching out the veg a few weeks. i am looking to stay mainly organic and looking for fatter buds in flowering. i will be using a 600w hps in a closet size area. i now have T5's on my girls. anyway, im wondering what organic supplements and nutrients i can add to what im using to see bigger fatter stickier buds. my soil is 80/20 FF ocean forest/perlite. 2 other plants are in 60/40 FF ocean forest/light warrior.
    how should i water and feed for bigger fatter buds.


  2. find yourself some potassium silicate such as this , liquid kelp, a little bit of molasses, maybe some Sul-Po-Mag such as This

    All of these things added to an AACT or other normal waterings can cover many of your late-flowering needs. also consider top dressing with alfalfa meal, kelp meal, bone meal and ESPECIALLY Earthworm castings to help balance out your nutrient profiles and to improve the diversity of your nutrient sources and bacterial foods
  3. Since your in the organic forums I'm guessing you're looking for organic solutions. I stack up on the Jamaican bat guano and molasses in the later weeks of flowering to add to density.

    For chem ferts the best results I've seen have been from the bloom line.

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